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(Real Player) -- SAG 'red carpet' interview with Kate! (March 11)

Key Dates:
   March 25: Academy Awards ceremony
   April 11: Blockbuster awards
   May 8: Est. release date for 'Quills' video

   The Quills DVD can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com
   The Holy Smoke video can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com - the release date is March 13, 2001
   The Quills soundtrack is available at Amazon.com
   The Quills poster can be ordered from Ricksmovie.Com
   The Enchanted Wood audiotape can be ordered from Amazon.co.uk

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Kate is featured in the premiere issue of UK Glamour Magazine!

Recent News Highlights:
   Mar 15: Kate announces next project: 'Iris' (A Memoir of Iris Murdoch) with Judi Dench
   Mar 11: Kate is a 'presenter' at the Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony
   Mar 7: Vanity Fair subscribers begin receiving Hollywood issue (Kate included on three-panel cover)
   Mar 3: Premiere issue of UK Glamour Mag features Kate as cover girl
   Feb 25: Kate attends BAFTA ceremony; 'Quills' goes unrewarded
   Feb 21 & 22: 'Enigma' is screened at the American Film Market
   Feb 21: Kate named the #4 Sexiest Woman in 'New Woman' poll
   Feb 18: 'The Rich List' of celebrity earnings for 2000 published in UK - Kate ranks #62 with £2 million earned last year
   Feb 16: 'Quills' increases screen count to 199 after Oscar nom's - pulls in $330,00 over the holiday weekend
   Feb 14: Announcement that Kate will attend BAFTA ceremony Feb 25
   Feb 12: 'Quills' receives 3 Oscar nom's - Actor, Costume Design, Art Direction
   Feb 10: 'Quills' is screened at 'Berlinale'; Kate, Geoffrey Rush and Phil Kaufman attend press conference and screening
   Feb 10: UK women aged 16-24 choose Kate (in 'Titanic') as most popular romantic icon
   Feb 9: Announcement made that David Bowie's production company will co-produce Therese Raquin
   Feb 6: Kate receives 'Golden Camera' award in Berlin for 'Titanic'
   Feb 4: 'Enigma' clips shown on Roger Ebert's TV program
   Feb 2: Rumor published on UK sites that Kate has been offered the role of Florence Nightingale in £40 million film production
   End of Jan: Photos of Kate and Mia at Heathrow airport appear.  It was Mia's first flight after visiting friends in Scotland.

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Results of the previous poll (which role would you like to see Kate play next?) -- Mary, Queen of Scots: 52%; Florence Nightingale: 33%; Clarinda: 15%. Thanks to all who voted!
Kate has had quite a variety of 'looks' at awards ceremonies. Which do you like best? Here are four choices; voice your opinion by taking the poll!
#1 - 1996 Academy Awards; #2 - 1998 Golden Globes;
#3 - 1998 Academy Awards; #4 - 2001 Bafta

Great comment by a poll taker: ''Kate's face is so beautiful that she can wear her hair pulled back as at the BAFTA 2001. BUT, I love how her hair looked at the Oscars 98 with her long golden hair extensions, and she must have too since she had the same look on her wedding day!''

New - SAG Section!
View captures of Kate at the March 11 Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony - arriving, being interviewed, presenting - and just being Kate!
Read the text of the 'red carpet' interview; listen to it on Real Player.

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March 11 -17:

Kate to begin shooting 'Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch' with Judi Dench 'in about a month'; National Public Radio interview with Kate (transcript and link to sound file); Kate drops out of Oscar show; Kate in March 16 OK! mag, new Us Weekly, Star mag; Kate presents first award (Best Supporting Actor) at the Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony March 11 - read Rachel's story and view screen captures; transcript and audio clip of SAG 'red carpet' interview; Kate sings 'My Heart Will Go On' in celebrity version of Popstars For Comic Relief - airs Friday in UK; praise for Kate from UK columnist.

March 4 - 10:
New interview from Israel TV program - transcript and audio version (thanks, Rona!); color scans of UK Glamour photos (thanks, Zohra, Munir); Vanity Fair scans (thanks, Vampy); Quills DVD can be pre-ordered; is East of Harlem a 'go'?; more Bafta pics in March 9 OK! and Variety; TNT (cable TV channel) offers SAG ceremony coverage on its web site; lots of media coverage of Vanity Fair & Glamour magazines; Kate pics in Celebrity Spy mag (take the quiz); 'Entertainment Tonight' promotes Vanity Fair 'Hollywood' issue in which Kate is featured; a fan's report from the Bafta's (thanks, Synona); Mia battles 'whooping cough', is OK now; Kate is the cover girl for the premiere issue of UK Glamour Magazine! (thanks to Jeanne for the tip.); celebs design t-shirts for charity; Quills impresses critics in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain.

February 25-March 3:
'Entertainment Tonight' airs photo of Kate in Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue; has 'Enigma' picked up a US distributor? The 'official' word from Intermedia is ''discussions are still active''; Kate featured in Australian TV Week mag, pic in 'NW' mag (thanks to Lorissa for scans); clips of Kate at the BAFTAs aired on 'E! News Daily' and 'Access Hollywood' Feb 26 (view 'captures'); Kate was The Sun cover girl Feb 26; many great photos of Kate at BAFTAs published; Kate presents Best Director BAFTA to Ang Lee; no BAFTAs for 'Quills'; 'Hideous Kinky' broadcast Feb 25 on BBC2 9:45 PM; rumor that Kate's agent blocked use of photos for Hello! Magazine feature; much more.

February 18-24:
Sydney Morning Herald interview (Kate talks about her films and the diet issue; Joaquin praises her); Kate is the cover girl for the March issue of HQ Magazine (thanks, Lorissa!); 'Enigma' is screened at the American Film Market; Kate is named #4 sexiest woman in 'New Woman' poll of 3000 readers; Blockbuster Entertainment Awards polls close (hope you all voted - many times!); Kate does not win Empire Award this year; ranks #62 on 'The Rich List'; much more.

February 11-17:
'E News Daily' airs clip of famous Kate/Rush kiss from Berlin Film Festival; Kate & Jim named #9 Celebrity Valentine couple by OK! Magazine; the head of BAFTA says Kate will attend awards ceremony Feb 25; Kate receives Empire Award nomination; 'Entertainment Tonight' airs photo of Kate and Mia at Heathrow; Kate passed over for Oscar nom (again); Kate featured in 'British Living & Style' and 'Now Star Diet & Fitness' magazines (thanks, Rebecca); many news stories about Kate and 'Quills' at the Berlin Film Festival; much more.

February 4-10:
Kate, 'Quills' costar Geoffrey Rush, and director Phil Kaufman attend the 'Quills' screening at the Berlin Film Festival, as well as a pre-screening conference (lots of great pics!); Kate (and other 'foreign' actors) get relief from SAG; Blockbuster UK poll reveals that Kate (in 'Titanic') is the most popular 'romantic icon' for women aged 16-24; Kate receives Golden Camera award and 'E! News Daily' airs clips of the awards ceremony; David Bowie's production company teams up with Telltale Films and Intermedia on 'Therese Raquin'; Feb issue of 'Total Film' magazine includes readers poll results - Kate is #4 woman in the 'my ideal partner for a desert island sex marathon' poll, and cited for having 'best hair' in the 'Frankensexy' poll; 'Enigma' mentioned in Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly magazines; 'Enigma' clip shown on Roger Ebert's TV program (view 'captures'); much more.

January 28-February 3:
Role rumor - Kate 'set' to play Florence Nightingale in a £40 million production; adorable (!) pics of Kate and Mia at Heathrow Airport published; another role rumor published - director of 'Clarinda' project says Kate 'could do her'; 'Quills' receives 4 BAFTA noms, but not one for Kate; Screen Actors Guild honors Kate with a nomination for 'Quills'; voting begins in the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (Kate is up for 'Best Actress in a Drama' for 'Quills'); reaction to 'Enigma' screening at the Sundance Film Festival; much more.

'News Archive' (December and January items) :
First reviews of 'Enigma'; Kate named one of the 'Hottest Stars of 2001' by a French magazine (thanks, Celine!); 'Entertainment Tonight' shows clip of 'Enigma'; 'Enigma' premieres at the Sundance Film Festival; Kate travels to Paris to do research for 'Therese Raquin' (thanks, again, Celine!); rumor that Kate has been asked to star in 'Mary, Queen of Scots'; Kate is the 'cover girl' for UK Sunday Times, Radio Times, London, News of the World magazines; Kate receives Best Actress nomination from the London Film Critics' Circle for 'Quills'; Kate ranked #4 in the Broadcast Film Critics poll for Best Supporting Actress; nominated for BSA by the International Press Academy; Kate performs a 'reading' at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund's Christmas carol concert; National Board of Review names 'Quills' the Best Film of 2000; much, much more.

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