'Unraveling Quills' - 4


Kaufman: Jacqueline West, who I've worked with on some other movies, who I refer to as my 'secret weapon', is a marvelous costume designer.

West: It's an exciting period for me for fashion cause things changed in fashion so abruptly at this point - when women started going from the very corseted regime to big skirted dresses, to the columns, emulating classic Greek and Roman statues.
[Kate sits down next to Jacqueline, who jokes] She's most difficult.

Winslet: I'm a nightmare.

West: It's been the biggest pleasure putting Kate into this corset, I have to say.

Winslet: And it hasn't been the biggest pleasure for me.

Rush: Phil Kaufman said a great thing very early on. He said, 'you know, this film should create a massive transfusion of energy from the screen into the audience where you sit just there in a kind of completely exhilarated and swamped mood.

Kaufman: It's a dare, it's a challenge, and some people are going to feel upset by the film. But others are going to feel that they've had some laughs, they've seen something they have never seen before in film, and they've been in the presence of some of the finest actors of our time in a dramatic situation that I think is exciting, funny and scary - Shakespeare in Love Meets the Silence of the Lambs.

[The program ends with clips from the film, then the scene of Sade promising Madeleine that she will have one last story before she is sent away from the asylum by Abbe.] You shall have a story that will make the angels weep and the saints all gasp for air!




Thanks, once again, to Mylene for sending me the videotape!