Rewind II
This page features links to transcripts and screen captures
of television appearances involving Kate and her films from late 1999 through the present.
All material was 'captured' by this web site's creator (except 'Airport'). Please don't use without permission. Thanks.


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'Extra', December 27, 2001


"I never feel this need to match Titanic, I never feel this need to, you know, to sort of beat that or better that, and I think it would be stupid if I did think in that way."


'Entertainment Tonight', December 20, 2001


"I'd just completely forgotten the nominations came out today because I was so much thinking about what I had to do at work. So, no, I'm really, really, delighted."


'E! News Daily', November 29, 2001


"I think when you're asked to play the younger Judi Dench, you don't say 'no', you just don't, unless you're seriously stupid."


'Entertainment Tonight', May 24, 2001


'Titanic' director James Cameron leads tour of new 'Titanic' exhibit at 'Foxploration' movie theme park in Rosarito Beach, Baja. It opens summer 2001.


Screen Actors Guild Award Ceremony, March 11, 2001


Multi-page section with loads of great photos of Kate at the SAG ceremony. Also featured are the 'red carpet' interview and screen captures of Kate arriving, presenting an award - and just being Kate.


'Access Hollywood' and 'E! News Daily' at the BAFTAs, Feb 26, 2001

''Now, it's a huge extravaganza like the Academy Awards, and it's just really brilliant for England.''


'E! News Daily' February 16, 2001 - From the Berlin Film Festival

[Host Patrick Stinson:] ''Sexual repression may be one of themes in Quills, but in Berlin passions were unleashed when an excited Kate Winslet made a 'rush' for her costar.''


'E! News Daily', February 8, 2001
- Golden Camera Awards

''I just want to thank all the people that go and see movies for letting me do that, and to hope that younger actors will keep making the right choices.''


'Ebert and Roeper at the Movies,' February 4, 2001

Hester (Kate) to Jericho (Dougray Scott):
''Is it German? Come on, genius!''


'Parkinson', March 2000

''If I run off and, you know, get all sort of silly about this and make pots and pots of money doing all these big, big films, actually, people are gonna get really bored of me very quickly.''


'The Early Show,' November 29, 2000

[About Mia] ''She's just amazing. She's already sort of changed me and changed our lives, and she's wonderful, really wonderful.''


'Coming Attractions,' November 20, 2000

''She [Madeleine] sort of sees him [the Marquis de Sade] as a silly old codger.''


'E! News Daily,' November 6, 2000

[On Quills] ''A great date movie? Well, it would be 'make or break', I think, make or break.''


'Entertainment Tonight,' November 2, 2000

[About motherhood] ''I'm finding the whole thing just really amazing, you know. I just sort of feel euphoric.''


'Entertainment Tonight,' October 5, 2000

''One minute you're kind of 'flavor of the month', and the next - bang! - it's all sort of, you know, kind of filtered away.''


Kate at the BAFTA's, April 2000

[About her bump]  ''It's only little, but it's there a little bit.''


L.A. news program interview with Kate, January 2000

[On playing Ruth in Holy Smoke] ''I was allowed to be completely 'out there' and I had to be totally fearless.''


'Today,' January 12, 2000

[On her career] ''I have never sort of had an 'agenda'. I've never said, 'right, I wanna do this, and then I'm gonna do that, and then I'm gonna do Titanic'. You know, I've never been like that.''


'The View,' January 2000

''And then I say all the things I shouldn't say. So, I'm in danger.''


'The Rosie O'Donnell Show,' January 2000

"My reputation! I've got a rep to protect!''


'Late Night With David Letterman,' January 10, 2000

''I was naked in the sea at this point, I have to say.''


'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,' December 1999

''What happens when this milk runs out?!''


'Airport,' December 1999 (thanks to Matthew for giving me permission to use this)

''You want me walking. Well let me straighten my trousers.''