From the official site:

Based on Emile Zola's famous novel, a passionate tale of adultery, murder and revenge.
(credits not contractual)
Cast: Kate Winslet
Director: David Leveaux
Producers: Nigel Stafford Clark, Scott Meek
Production Company: Deep Indigo
Screenplay: Michael Thomas

From Upcoming Movies, March 10, 2000:

Distributor: USA Films

Cast: Kate Winslet (Therese), Judi Dench; other cast not yet announced.

Winslet Note: In addition to starring, Kate Winslet is also executive producing.

Director: David Leveaux (debut of the London stage director)

Screenwriter: Michael Thomas (Welcome To Woop Woop, 1989's Scandal)

Premise: In this romantic thriller set in 19th century Paris, Therese Raquin (Winslet) has an affair with the best friend of her much older husband, which leads to...murder. Soon enough, the ghost rises up to haunt the murderers, leading to psychological terror and torment.

Filming: Production on this movie will start in the fall of 2000 [it is scheduled for Spring 2001] with filming being done in London and Paris. (Note: It was slated to start in April, 2000 but is being postponed while Ms. Winslet is having her first baby).

Greg's Preview Thoughts: The continuing success of films with supernatural themes continues to inspire new projects, and in this case, it is the revival of an Emile Zola novel that has been adapted several times in the past.

This project has been brought to the screen before:

Previous films:
    Therese Raquin (1928)
        ...aka Du sollst nicht ehebrechen (1928)
        ...aka Shadows of Fear (1928)
    Therese Raquin (1953)
        ...aka Adultress, The (1953) (USA)
        ...aka Teresa Raquin (1953) (Italy)
Previous TV movies:
    Therese Raquin (1965)
    Therese Raquin (1980) Mini-series starring Kate Nelligan