MARCH 2001

HAMLET (1996)

Monday,  March 12 12:00A (EST) - TNT  (Turner Television)
Tuesday,  March 13  1:30P (EST) - TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

330 minutes, USA/England, Video, SS
Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring
Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi, Julie Christie
Kate Winslet, Charlton Heston, Robin Williams
Jack Lemmon, Billy Crystal, Gerard Depardieu, John Gielgud
Branagh adapted and directed this screen version of Shakespeare's tragedy about madness and murder in old Denmark.


March 1, 2, 6, 12, 16, 21, 26, 27 - Showtime #2
100 minutes, England/France, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo
Rated R - Adult language, adult situations
Directed by Gillies MacKinnon and starring
Kate Winslet, Said Taghmaoui, Bella Riza
Carrie Mullan, Pierre Clementi, Abigail Cruttenden
Ahmed Boulane, Sira Stampe, Amidou, Kevin McKidd
An acrobat adopts a spiritual flower child and her two children
as his surrogate family in 1970s Morocco.


March 7, 15 - Starz (Stare)
March 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 - Starz #2
120 minutes, USA, (CC), Video, SS, LBOX, In Stereo
Rated R - Adult language, strong sexual content
Directed by Jane Campion and starring
Kate Winslet, Harvey Keitel, Pam Grier
Julie Hamilton, Sophie Lee, Daniel Wyllie
Paul Goddard, Tim Robertson, George Mangos, Kerry Walker
A psychosexual tug of war emerges between an Indian guru's
vibrant devotee and the man hired to deprogram her.

JUDE (1996)

Monday, March 12 6:00P EST - Romance Classics
120 minutes, England, Video, SS
Directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring
Christopher Eccleston, Kate Winslet, Liam Cunningham
Rachel Griffiths, June Whitfield, Ross Colvin Turnbull, James Daley
Based on Thomas Hardy's novel about a young Englishman from the country
and his desire to better himself.

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