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About me:
My undergraduate major was Communications, with an emphasis in film production. I worked as an apprentice editor for a while, until the duties of motherhood took precedence. I have since gone on to earn a doctoral degree in another field. Although my career has changed over the years, I still maintain a great love of film and the film making process. This love has led me to return to the industry and co-found a production company last year.

I particularly admire the talent of Ms. Winslet. I agree with those film critics who have stated that she is the most gifted actress of her generation. I also admire the way she handles her success, and that she fits her career into her personal life, not the other way around. She is gracious to fans and the media, and seems a down-to-earth person.

One of my favorite KW quotes: "You're successful and you have heaps of offers coming your way, and paychecks being flashed before your eyes. I think it's very difficult to forget that you must hang onto who you are because, otherwise, you have no soul."