On this page are links to photographs of Kate
that have been found in papers, magazines and on news websites.

UK Glamour and Vanity Fair mag's
Kate at the BAFTA ceremony, February
Berlin Film Festival, February
'Golden Camera' Awards ceremony, February
Kate and Mia at Heathrow, January
Cover Girl: HQ Mag, UK Sunday Times, UK Radio Times
Kate walking Mia, January (OK! Magazine)

Christmas Carol Charity Event, December 12th
'Quills' London premiere, November 3rd
'Carrying' Mia
Cover Girl - Interview & Elle Magazines
On location with 'Enigma', April
At the BAFTA ceremony, April 9th
'Holy Smoke' premieres - London, NY, LA
On the tele - Parkinson, Letterman, The View

You'll view older, classic photos
of Kate in this gallery. Yowie!

Cover Girl

Here's a link to a great page:

'Winslet Rose' has a fabulous collection
of magazines featuring Kate on the cover
and has posted many of the cover pics
on her ebay page.

Next projects: Kate+Jim gallery, Kate at awards ceremony gallery!
(So many pics on file; so little time to organize them, LOL)