"Enigma" - Gallery of Set Pics:

Kate as Hester Wallace, with Dougray Scott as Thomas Jericho

I scanned the above pics from Premiere magazine (that's director Michael Apted in the pic on the left)

Screen captures I did from Entertainment Tonight
From the official site

From the official site
I scanned the pic on left
from Hello! magazine.  
From People.com

Dark Horizons carried these three pics, originally published in Heat magazine.
Kate "padded"  (screen captures I did from "Entertainment Tonight," June 12)

Sylvia scanned this pic from the June 12 issue of "NW" magazine.
Pic caption:  Kate Winslet has three months until she gives birth to her first child,
but she's been working like a trooper on Enigma.

Screen captures I did of Dougray Scott on the set

Saffron Burrows as Claire    
Tom Hollander as Guy Logie
Dougray Scott as Jericho
Nikolaj Coster Waldau plays Puck; this pic is from  "Misery Harbour"

Mick Jagger on the set with his own Enigma machine / with Dougray and co-producer Victoria Pearman

Looks like Kate and Dougray in the upper center portion - ?
Just a guess, as the pic doesn't have a caption.

The above  three pics are from the August issue of Total Film - thanks, Sylvia!

Caption: Time for stardom: Would-be extras Pamela and Kevin Aldous prepare for their audition.

Mick Jagger visits the set
The above 2 pics from the Leicester Mercury (thanks to Tamara)

From the Los Angeles Times - Thanks, Tamara!