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Set Photos - Gallery 2

Note: Some photos are 'thumbnailed' (white borders); click on those to enlarge images.



Dougray Scott as Tom Jericho


Saffron Burrows as Claire


Tom Hollander as Guy Logie


Nikolaj Coster Waldau plays Puck; pic from "Misery Harbour"



enigmads1.jpg (98920 bytes)

enigmads2.jpg (71108 bytes)



enigmadssb.jpg (93744 bytes)




Jeremy Northam plays Wigram:

  enigmajn.jpg (114292 bytes)


Mick Jagger on the set with his own Enigma machine / with Dougray and co-producer Victoria Pearman:




  Looks like Kate and Dougray in the upper center portion of the pic on the left. ?

The above three pics are from the August issue of Total Film - thanks, Sylvia!



Caption of pic on left: Time for stardom -- Would-be extras Pamela and Kevin Aldous prepare for their audition.

Pic on right and below: Mick Jagger visits the set.


Thanks to Tamara of Dougray Net for the above three pics!