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Israel TV program
March 8, 2001


4 Minute Interview With Kate -  Part I   Part II

''It's very difficult going to work every day and taking on board another characters' clothes, hair, their sensibilities, their passions, their emotions. You know, it's not easy for any actor to do, and it's always harder to go home at the end of the day and go, 'OK, so this is me,' and sort of take a deep breath, and remember who you are again.''

Thanks to Rona for supplying the material!


'E News Daily'

February 16, 2001

Report on the Berlin Film Festival


[Host Patrick Stinson:] ''Sexual repression may be one of themes in Quills, but in Berlin passions were unleashed when an excited Kate Winslet made a 'rush' for her costar.''


'E News Daily'

February 8, 2001

Coverage of the German 'Golden Camera' Awards Ceremony


''I just want to thank all the people that go and see movies for letting me do that, and to hope that younger actors will keep making the right choices.''


'Ebert & Roeper At The Movies'

February 4, 2001

Film Critic Roger Ebert Talks About 'Enigma'


Hester (Kate) to Jericho (Dougray Scott):
"Is it German? Come on, genius!"


SAG Announcement

January 30, 2001

Screen Actors Guild Announcement of the Nominees for Best Supporting Actress


Cary Elwes and Lucy Liu announced the nominees for the 7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.


'The Early Show'

November 29, 2000

Kate reacts to being told she is a role model


Kate talks about Mia and keeping her personal life 'private'


Taking time off after having Mia


Parkinson (UK Talk Show)

March 2000:

On the nude scenes in Holy Smoke
''This is nothing to do with my job, nothing to do with my job at all!''

On doing nude scenes in films
''I would never do anything that I felt was gratuitous in any way.''

On Holy Smoke
''It was the film that was the most important to me out of all of the films that I've done.''

On accepting roles in 'big' films
''I want to wind up like Judi Dench…''

On having children
''We've always said it'd be great to do it young.''


'Access Hollywood'

April 1999

Kate Talks About Meeting Jim


''There was this beautiful person, and I just thought, 'ah! Something's gonna happen, I know it.' And, sure enough, it did, and we came home together, he asked me to marry him, and I just said, 'YEEESSS!' Yes, I will...''


Oprah Winfrey Show,

January 20, 1998

Kate, Cameron, Zane

Shooting the love scene in the car
''It was probably one of the most uncomfortable scenes to shoot.''

Working with Leo
''Initially, I thought, 'Oh, how am I going to work with this beautiful man?'''

Filming dangerous scenes in all that cold water
''That was pretty frightening.''

Cameron and Kate talk about shooting the flying scene
Kate was more interested in the sunset than in kissing Leo!

Billy Zane's most memorable scene - spitting sequence;
Oprah asks if they would actually get off the lifeboat and return to the sinking Titanic.


'Late Show' with David Letterman

April 1999

David asks Kate about working with Leo


"You know, we got to know each other so, so, so well. And I have to say he is really funny, you know. And one day he should so do comedy cause he's absolutely hilarious. I mean, he had me wetting my pants."



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