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January 6-11


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IRIS can again be seen in the Los Angeles area --

Laemmleís Royal, West Los Angeles, 310-477-5581

New Malibu Theatre, Malibu, 310-456-6990


Thanks to Robin for taking the time to scout for the location for the IRIS premiere on the 13th. According to the Westminster City Council site, the premiere will be held at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema -- 38 Curzon Street, Mayfair, West End; bookings and inquiries: 0871 871 0011


Admiring Kate exclusive -- An actress who worked on The Life of David Gale has contacted me and offered to share her experiences working on the film - and with Kate. We learn that Kate does indeed use an 'American' accent when portraying Bitsey Bloom, and also learn about Bitsey's 'look'. Go HERE to read the story. A big THANK YOU to "an actress"!


Upcoming Kate Ďappearancesí --

Comments Kate taped while working in Texas on TLODG were included in a tribute to Judi Dench, which will be broadcast in the UK on BBC1 January 12.

Per Geoffrey: "Kate Winslet will be on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2 a week on Friday. That is, Friday 18 January. Should be good! You can stream the show wherever you are in the world":


Kate will reportedly appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno January 22. (Thanks to Leebee for the tip; the listing appears in an online TV guide.) I have asked Ruby at Miramax Films for confirmation, as she has promised to supply us with Kateís interview schedule. Hopefully, this date will hold.

LM sent me the tip that Kate is scheduled to appear on the Rosie O'Donnell show Jan 24.

Ruby at Miramax confirmed the Rosie appearance -- and informed me that Kate will also appear on the Today and Charlie Rose shows on Jan 24.

More info as it becomes available.




Downey, Jr., Hopkins, Welling and Winslet Set as Presenters At Golden Globe Awards

"The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards" Will Be Telecast Live On NBC Sunday, January 20

Robert Downey, Jr., Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Welling and Kate Winslet will join previously announced presenters Benjamin Bratt, Cameron Diaz, Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Hanks, Josh Hartnett, Kate Hudson, Mike Myers, Martin Sheen, Sela Ward and Renee Zellweger at the 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards to be telecast live on NBC Sunday, January 20 (8-11:00 p.m. EST) at Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Harrison Ford will receive this year's Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for his "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field."

The Golden Globe Awards, regarded worldwide as The Hollywood Party of the Year, will be seen in more than 100 countries worldwide and is one of the few awards ceremonies that spans both television and motion picture achievements.

The event's rating growth has exceeded 500% since it became an annual event on NBC seven years ago. The Golden Globe Awards has firmly established itself as one of the highest-rated awards shows on any network. Last January's telecast was one of 2001's top three award shows along with the Oscars and the Grammys.

The special will be produced by dick clark productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Dagmar Dunlevy is President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Dick Clark and Barry Adelman are executive producers. Al Schwartz and Ken Shapiro are producers. Ron Weed is co-producer.


VCR Alert --  Kate will be on the Today and Charlie Rose shows January 24th, in addition to the Rosie O'Donnell show! (Info confirmed by Ruby at Miramax Films)


As we thought, IRIS will play at the Berlin Film Festival:

Crowe Adds 'Beautiful' Touch to Berlin Fest

By Adam Dawtrey

LONDON (Variety) - The star wattage at this year's 52nd Berlin Film Festival has risen several notches with the news that Russell Crowe is flying in to support his latest film, "A Beautiful Mind." Crowe, director Ron Howard and possibly co-star Jennifer Connelly are expected to attend the fest Feb. 12 for an out-of-competition screening of the picture.

Other stars likely to attend include Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet and Judi Dench. High-profile international titles scheduled to unspool include "The Shipping News," "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Iris" and "Gosford Park".

The festival opens Feb. 6 with the world premiere of 's Tom Tykwerís "Heaven," starring Cate Blanchett, and closes Feb. 17.

Source: Variety, January 11


Thanks once again to Allan for emailing me a Daily Mail article! Columnist Baz Bamigboye met with Kate recently to discuss Iris and her recent work in Texas. Go HERE to read!


An interview Kate did in LA this fall was published in the Independent (UK newspaper) January 11. Go HERE to read.


Thanks to George for sending me the latest Academy Award nominations predictions from movie magazines:

Entertainment Weekly --

Actress: Halle Berry, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge), Naomi Watts, Sissy Spacek; Longshot: Charlotte Rampling

Supporting Actress: Jennifer Connelly, Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Marisa Tomei, Kate Winslet; Longshot: Fionnula Flanagan

Supporting Actor:

Jim Broadbent (Iris), Hayden Christensen, Ben Kingsley, Jon Voight, Steve Buscemi; Longshot: Tony Shalhoub

Premiere Magazine --

Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind): Award recognition would complete her metamorphosis from pretty face to pretty serious actress.
Anjelica Huston (Royal Tenenbaums): A second supporting prize would match poppa John's career take of two Academy Awards.
Maggie Smith (Gosford Park): She was an Oscar winner in 1978 for playing California Suite's Oscar loser. Her delightful sniping in Altman's latest could earn her a third Academy Award.
Marisa Tomei (In the Bedroom): After scoring an upset win for My Cousin Vinny in 1992, this versatile performer would silence critics once and for all with a second statue.
Kate Winslet (Iris): The Titanic star was half of an historical double in 1997 for two nominated actors playing the same person in the same film. She could do it again in 2001 by playing young Iris Murdoch.
Spoilers: Judi Dench (The Shipping News), Frances McDormand (the Man Who Wasn't There), Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive)

[Judi and Jim are also on Premiere's top 5 list.]


VCR Alert -- Thanks to LM for the tip that Kate is scheduled to appear on the Rosie O'Donnell show January 24.


Kate is the cover girl for Glamour Magazine (US). I picked it up today, scanned the pics and typed up the article. (Thanks to Chris for the tip.) Go HERE to view!


Kate gave an interview to Elle magazine (UK) that appears in the current issue. The Daily Mail picked up a portion of it today (Jan 10) and included a photo that is the best glamour shot of Kate I've ever seen. Allan was kind enough to send me his scans of the Daily Mail photos; I've posted them, along with the text of the article that I found online HERE.


Winslet and Dench Due At Film Premiere

Kate Winslet and Dame Judi Dench are both expected at the premiere of their new film Iris on Sunday. In the film both actresses play Iris Murdoch at different times in the author's life.

Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent will also be at the premiere. They both play Murdoch's husband, John Bayley.

The screening will take place at the Curzon Mayfair in London.

Iris is released nationwide on February 15.

Source: Ananova, January 10


Kate's Joy With New Love

By Nicole Lampert

Movie beauty Kate Winslet has told for the first time of her happiness at being with new love Sam Mendes. The Titanic star said: "It is early days but certainly Iím very happy. The one thing I will say is that I feel more myself."

Kate, 26, also said she and ex-husband Jim Threapleton, whose split and recent divorce stunned the showbiz world, will remain friends for the sake of their 14-month-old daughter Mia. But she added: "It doesnít change the fact that getting divorced is bloody hard and sad."

Kate met Sam, director of the Oscar-winning American Beauty, in the summer when he interviewed her for a role at the Donmar Warehouse theatre in London.

And The Sun recently revealed the pair have started house-hunting in North London.

But Kate insisted that Sam, 35, had nothing to do with her marriage break-up.

She said: "There are so many question marks as to whether Sam and I were together before Jim and I split up, which we were categorically NOT."

Kate also revealed that her marriage did NOT break down because she was working too hard and leaving Jim, 27, at home with baby Mia.

She told Elle magazine that in the year after Miaís birth she only worked for 10 weeks.

She added: "People have drawn a conclusion that our marriage has broken down because I was so busy and Jim was left holding the baby and I canít tell you how far from the truth that is."

Source: The Sun, January 10

I'll be on the lookout for the issue of Elle magazine that contains Kate's interview!


Two pics of Kevin Spacey in The Life of David Gale have been added to my TLODG site. Go HERE to view.


Thanks to my great pal Sylvia of Dougray Scott in Focus for tips on two Enigma items:

German site for the film  

Bloopers from the film 


USA Today has used a portion of a recently published interview with Kate for its Star Gazing column:

Star Gazing -- Kate Winslet enjoys life after divorce
Kate Winslet plays the childless though very sexual author Iris Murdoch in the new movie Iris. But Winslet herself is in full mom mode with daughter Mia in Austin, where the Titanic star is making The Life of David Gale with Kevin Spacey.
Two weeks after they arrived in Austin, Winslet reports, 14-month-old Mia "was showing off in front of the mirror ... realized she was standing with her hands free and started to walk."
Winslet's new beau, American Beauty director Sam Mendes, has visited her in Texas. Winslet said in a phone chat that Mia's dad, director Jim Threapleton, has, too. Winslet announced in September they were separating amicably after three years of marriage; their divorce became final in December.
She knows her breakup was "a shock to people. But it wasn't an easy decision." She hasn't been on record on this before, but "it came after months of trying to make our marriage work. It wasn't a case of giving up and walking away."


Another house-hunting report from another tacky tabloid:

Looking For a Love Nest

...The high-profile couple have been inspecting stylish properties priced around the $14 million mark [LOL - the tabloids keep inflating the price] in the north of London, as well as looking at several residences in Los Angeles. Sam recently spent half an hour viewing an eight-bedroom luxury townhouse next to London's fashionable Regents Park, where their celebrity neighbours would include Jude Law and Sadie Frost, as well as Ewan McGregor and Ben Elton. Meanwhile, Kate is said to be keen to farewell the modest North London flat she owns. She bought it soon after her marriage to Jim fell apart [incorrect]. "Kate is going mad in that tiny flat," confirmed a friend of the Enigma star. "The new house will be a home for her and Sam. He really liked the place he viewed and Kate should look at it very soon." So why do they need a house with eight bedrooms? There are persistent rumours the pair are set to wed soon, and Kate is said to want a big family.


Auction's Slice of Movie History

By Cameron Simpson

They propped up James Bond, Harry Potter and Kate Winslet. Now they are to stand alone in the biggest movie memorabilia auction.

More than £1m worth of props used in some of the most famous films of the past 50 years - including the globe from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, ornaments which decorated M's office in several 007 films, and the coffin and skeleton from the opening sequence of the Rocky Horror Picture Show - are to be sold in March.

They are among more than 1500 objects being offered by the Ken Paul props company...

One of the items to be auctioned is the tortoiseshell hand mirror used by Kate in Titanic.


Oscar ballots were mailed today (Jan 8) to 4,200 members residing in California. Let's all send some positive vibes and adopt this mantra: "nominate Kate, nominate Kate, nominate Kate".


Admiring Kate exclusive -- An actress who worked on The Life of David Gale has contacted me and offered to share her experiences working on the film - and with Kate. We learn that Kate does indeed use an 'American' accent when portraying Bitsey Bloom, and also learn about Bitsey's 'look'. Go HERE to read the story. A big THANK YOU to "an actress"!


Reminder -- The IRIS soundtrack (by James Horner) is officially released today, January 8. It can be ordered from amazon.com.


Kate was spotted shopping with Mia at Baby Gap:

She may be one of the world's top actresses, but motherhood still comes first for Kate Winslet.

Fellow shoppers barely noticed as Titanic star Kate and her daughter Mia popped down to the Baby Gap store in Hampstead, North London.

Looking like any other harassed young mum, 26-year-old Kate struggled along with Mia's buggie.

But judging by the delighted smile on the little one's face, shopping is a talent Mia intends to perfect.


Kate did an interview with a BBC News correspondent to promote IRIS. Iíve posted it HERE. Excerpt:

Bayley "definitely saw strains of the Iris that he knew" while watching Winslet's portrayal of the young Iris, she says. "That made me cry. I just thought, that's better than any review, any award, any nomination, any anything. That is fantastic."


Another poll in which men were asked who theyíd like to share a bottle of wine with:

Midland babe Cat Deeley has come out top in a poll of men who were asked who they would like to share a bottle of wine with.

The Sutton Coldfieldeducated children's TV presenter beat off tough competition in the survey by the Wine Institute of California, with movie actress Kate Winslet coming in second.

Source: The Evening Mail, January 7


'Shrek' vid biz sinks 'Titanic' -- Animated Oscar hopeful sets DVD sales record
"Shrek" spread the green around the entire video industry last year, racking up retail sales that sailed past "Titanic." DreamWorks says consumers have spent more than $420 million buying more than 21 million VHS and DVD copies -- it is the bestselling video since all-time bestseller "The Lion King." In the final weeks of last year, the computer-animated movie padded its record-setting DVD sales, which now stand at 7.9 million domestically and 10 million worldwide.

Source: Variety, January 8


Zeuseferís Weekly Oscar Prediction Charts have been updated. He feels that there is 'ebbing buzz on IRIS' which leaves Kate 'vulnerable', and his new rankings for Best Supporting Actress reflect his opinion:

1 Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind (win possible, nom certain)

2 Helen Mirren, Gosford Park (win possible, nom certain)

3 Kate Winslet, Iris (win and nom possible)

4 Maggie Smith, Gosford Park (win not possible, nom certain)

5 Marisa Tomei, In The Bedroom (win not possible, nom certain)

He ranks Judi #2 on the Best Actress chart (win possible, nom certain); Jim Broadbent #2 for Best Supporting Actor; Richard Eyre #26 on the Best Director chart; Eyre and Charles Wood #12 on the Best Adapted Screenplay chart; the film is #16 on the Best Picture chart.

Remember, this is one personís opinion, and "these are predictions of how the Academy will vote, they are not necessarily my personal choices. The predictions are based on buzz on casting, character & film as well as on reviews."

Other charts:

Oscar Watch feels Connelly, Mirren, Tomei, Watts, Winslet are the likely nominees for BSA, with Smith as alternate. As I have mentioned, the campaign for Watts has recently been switched from supporting to lead.

Kristopher Tapley of Oscar Central wasnít very impressed with Kateís performance in IRIS, but feels she will be nominated, along with Connelly, Mirren, Smith and Tomei. (These are the five names I see most often on punditsí lists. Weíll soon see how accurate their predictions are.)


Congrats to Enigma director Michael Apted:

Apted Wins Filmmaker Prize At Palm Springs

By Mike Goodridge in Los Angeles

Michael Apted will receive the International Filmmaker Award at the Nortel Networks Palm Springs International Film Festival on Jan 12. The award, which is given to an actor or director who has "broken through the barrier of language and crossed over the borders of culture to become a film-maker of the world will be presented by Michael York. Past winners have included Liv Ullman, Ang Lee, Lasse Hallstrom, Pedro Almodovar, Catherine Deneuve and Zhang Yimou.
Apted will attend the festival and present a screening of his latest film Enigma which will open through the US in April this year through Manhattan Pictures.
An influential documentarian who created the 7 Up series, Aptedís dramatic film credits include Coalminerís Daughter, Gorky Park, Gorillas In The Mist, Blink, Nell, Extreme Measures and The World Is Not Enough. HIs next film is the eagerly awaited drama Enough starring Jennifer Lopez.

Source: Screen Daily, January 7

I have tickets to attend the screening Saturday night and will post a full report when I return. Thanks to Michael for sending me the news of Aptedís honor, as well.


Letís hope that The Life of David Gale does indeed 'pack the multiplexes':

Irish-interest films scheduled for the next few months include yet another slice of writer/director Jim Sheridan's own life, in East of Harlem, plus Peter Mullan's Magdalene laundries tragedy, Magdalene (which doesn't touch on the Donegall Pass outpost), Damien O'Donnell's Heartlands, Thaddeus O'Sullivan's The Heart of Me, John Grogan's Mapmaker and Geraldine Creed's Chaos. Neil Jordan's new one is Double Down, a fresh take (hopefully) on that old chestnut of the down-on-his-uppers master-thief who plans to run his last heist by robbing - what else - the casino at Monte Carlo, a plot almost as old as the movies themselves. Still, Nick Nolte as the hero will be something else.

New movies from Alan Parker (Kate Winslet as a news hound falling for Kevin Spacey's Death Row condemned in The Life of Daniel Gale); Stephen Spielberg (Tom Cruise in Philip K Dick's sci-fi thriller Minority Report) and Sam Mendes (Tom Hanks a hit-man seeking revenge in The Road To Perdition) are sure to pack the multiplexes.

Source: Newsletter, January 7


Remember the Phantom role rumour that heated up again after the release of What If? (Lloyd-Webber was said to be impressed with Kateís performance.) According to a new report, Travolta and Church are the hot new favorites for the lead roles:

Banderas loses Phantom role Travolta to don the mask?

Antonio Banderas has lost his role in the long-awaited Phantom of the Opera film due to his recent string of box-office flops. The Spanish actor had long been tipped to play the Phantom, saying, 'I know Phantom like I wrote it.' However, the real writer, Lord Lloyd-Webber, despite being a fan of Banderas, is now looking for a more bankable actor to take the role of the tragic anti-hero. John Travolta is said to be the next favourite, although a spokeswoman for the composer insisted, 'No casting decisions have been made at all.' Welsh teenager Charlotte Church is the hot favourite to take the lead female role of Christine.

Source: People News, January 7


Garth of Dark Horizons also reported on the Phanton rumours:

Phantom of the Opera: The Sunday Express reports that Andrew Lloyd-Webber has "grown increasingly frustrated with the failure of Warner Bros. to give the project the green light", so is reluctantly being forced to consider other, more bankable, movie stars to play the title role. Weber has always been keen on getting Antonio Banderas for the part, but while the actor has done well in supporting parts for films such as "Spy Kids" and "Interview with the Vampire", the only film that's made any major money with him in a leading role was 1998's "The Mask of Zorro" - aside from "Spy Kids" the five films he's made since Zorro have been major failures. Weber now faces the choices of sticking with his guns & Banderas, which in all likelihood means the project will never be made, or attaching a different and more profitable star (Travolta is still keen). Meantime People News reports that Young welsh singer Charlotte Church is said to be up for the lead female role in the film after her performance of a song from the musical at the recent Royal Variety Show received stunning feedback. The added bonus is that not only is she a known name worldwide but also has the bonus of helping boost the potential soundtrack sales. Thanks to 'Stef'

Source: Dark Horizons, January 7


British women feel Kate is one of the celebs their partner would most find attractive:

For Bitter or Worse... Men Fail Love Test

By Fiona Matthews

They're hot on beer, not bras

Most men know the price of a pint of beer better than their partner's bra size, a survey reveals today. Women do most of the housework and are more willing to forgive if their lover has an affair with someone else. But despite the criticisms 76 per cent of women would still choose the same man if they had their lives over again, says the poll for Prima magazine.

Researchers quizzed 1,000 women about men at home, work and play. They found 77 per cent reckoned their men knew the price of a pint but only 38 per cent said he knew her bra size. The poll says 26 per cent of couples have sex three to five times a month while 21 per cent manage it six to 10 times. Couples who live together do it more than marrieds - seven times a month against five.

Just over one in 10 men and women had been unfaithful - but while 76 per cent of women forgave their partners only 31 per cent were forgiven by their men. Which could be why women were more likely to keep it secret, with almost half saying their partners never found out.

Women do an average of 10 hours housework a week while their partners only do three hours.

The essential characteristics women look for are personality (93 per cent) and sense of humour (91 per cent). Money was way down the wish list, with only 25 per cent of women rating it as important.

At work women would much rather have a male boss than a female one. Thirty one per cent of women would rather work for a man compared with only eight per cent who would prefer a woman.

Richard Branson is women's number one inspirational male role model, with 25 per cent voting for the tycoon. Actor John Thaw came second with 19 per cent and Tony Blair third with 13 per cent.

Women also guessed which celebrity their partners would find attractive, with 30 per cent saying Catherine Zeta Jones, 15 per cent Liz Hurley and 10 per cent Kate Winslet.

Maire Fahey, editor of Prima magazine, said: "This is the first time we've asked women so specifically about men. The results show that while society is changing rapidly, some things aren't moving so quickly, especially within the home and workplace. But overall women value relationships and have a positive outlook."

Source: The Mirror, January 7


A big THANK YOU to So Cal David for news he sent me this morning about a behind-the-scenes look at a couple of films being released by Miramax. The program was broadcast this morning (Jan 6) on UPN and included a lengthy segment on IRIS. I taped it and will work on a transcript and screen caps. The IRIS segment included interviews with Kate, Judi, Jim, Hugh, director Eyre and producer Fox that were done when the film was shot. Also, several clips from the film and from the set were shown (some great scenes of Kate on the set). Soon, I hope to also be equipped to upload video clips to my site, and will work on pulling Kateís interview and on set moments.


What If? still #1 in two countries and going strong elsewhere!

The official UK Top 40 Singles Chart was announced today. As of January 6, the top 10 singles are (first number is current rank; number in parenthesis is rank last week):

1 (2) Gotta Get Thru This -- Daniel Bedingfield

2 (4) Murder on the Dancefloor -- Sophie Ellis Bextor

3 (1) Somethiní Stupid -- Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman

4 (new) Drowning -- Backstreet Boys

5 (5) Handbags and Gladrags -- Stereophonics

6 (8) Lately -- Samantha Mumba

7 (6) Will I -- Ian Van Dahl

8 (9) What If -- Kate Winslet

9 (7) Have You Ever -- S Club 7

10 (10) Country Roads -- Hermes House Band

Kateís record is again the #1 single in Ireland (for the week ending January 3, per 2fmís Music Zone);

It is the #1 single in Belgium for a second week (Data is from AC Nielsen Ultratop for the week starting January 5);

Moves up to #5 in Germany as of January 4;

Is at #11 in Poland as of Dec 29 (down from #10 after 3 weeks);

Moves up from #28 to #14 in The Netherlands in its fifth week of release there (Source: Music Planet);

#14 in Portugal as of Dec 30 (up from #18 after 4 weeks);

Moves up to #15 in Austria as of January 5 (up from #19 in its 4th week);

Moves from #17 to #11 on the World Singles Chart for the week starting January 2 (Source: MRIB).

Thanks to George for the Germany, Austria, Poland and Portugal stats.


More good buzz on The Life of David Gale:

Here's a look at some of the biggest flicks slated for release in the coming months:
The Life Of David Gale stars Kevin Spacey as a professor on death row who tells his story to Kate Winslet's Pulitzer-hungry reporter (TBA).


Entertainment Correspondent Tom Brook feels Kate, Judi and Jim are likely to score Academy Award nominations for their performances in IRIS:

The AFI event was the first major awards ceremony of 2002 and it heaped honours on several films and performances that seem to be emerging as possible Oscar nominees in a field that is still far from certain.

...There are, once again, plenty of likely British Oscar candidates this year. Tom Wilkinson, who stars opposite Sissy Spacek in In The Bedroom as the father of a murdered son, is considered a strong favourite for a best actor nomination. Wilkinson, who is perhaps best known for playing Gerard, the factory supervisor in The Full Monty, is also picking up the best actor prize for his In The Bedroom performance from the New York critics on Sunday night.

Broadbent is expected to get a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for playing Iris Murdoch's husband John Bayley in the film Iris. Sir Ben Kingsley is another possible British contender in that category for his portrayal of the menacing Don Logan in the crime drama Sexy Beast.

Several British actresses are also thought to be strong Oscar favourites.

Dame Judi Dench, whom the Academy seems to adore, could get recognition for her leading role in Iris. In the supporting actress category Kate Winslet, who played the young Murdoch in Iris, is also thought likely to snag a nomination, as are Dame Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren for their roles in Gosford Park.

Unclear -- Although the AFI Awards received considerable attention, their validity as a reliable Oscars bellwether is questionable. The AFI Awards are decided by a jury made up of film critics, scholars and industry practitioners. Overall they represent a constituency that bears little resemblance to Academy members.

The Golden Globe awards, handed out by foreign journalists based in Los Angeles, may whittle down the Oscars field at their star-studded ceremony later this month, but it appears that this year the uncertainty may linger until the nominations are announced on 12 February.

In such an unclear year Oscar predicting is going to become a big business, as are the studio promotional campaigns to convince Academy members that their films really are the best.

Source: BBC News, January 6

Remember, the AFI awards are not necessarily a good indicator of Academy Awards because they recognize only American films and performances in American films.


Thanks to Michael for the tip on a review of IRIS in the February issue of Empire magazine (4 out of 5 stars). Itís posted on the IRIS Reviews page. Excerpts:

Thereís a lot to admire about Richard Eyreís biopic of renowned author Dame Iris Murdoch, chiefly that it boasts some of the best performances to grace a cinema screen in recent months... All the leads are terrific - Winslet makes a fine feisty foil to Bonnevilleís nervous, stammering Bayley.

The Feb issue of Empire also includes a brief review of the IRIS soundtrack:

Review by Danny Graydon (3 stars out of 5)

Composer: James Horner

The tragic story of novelist Iris Murdoch finds James Horner favouring sweeping and reflective themes.

The introspective atmosphere is greatly elevated by the haunting violin solos of Joshua Bell, with Hornerís piano and strings an effective backdrop. While undoubtedly elegant and a soothing listen (with the odd stirring high), Iris lacks the oomph of Hornerís action work and, ultimately, it all blends into a cruising 50-minute sequence with melancholy at full-strength.


A Winslet film and a Mendes film are included in this preview of coming attractions:

Fast forward: 2002: Film

By Cosmo Landesman

After the disappointing quality of films in 2001, it seems a safe bet to say that things can only get better. And yet, looking at the year ahead, there is nothing, so far, to get really excited about. What we do have are a lot of curious movies that look promising.

Take Ali, in which Will Smith stars as Muhammad Ali in a biopic of the great boxerís life. Smith seems a strange choice to play the champ, and having Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) direct looks a touch bizarre as well. But put these two talents together and this could be a powerful and moving tale of heroism - or a stinker of epic proportions.

If sweet and skinny Will Smith floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee seems unlikely, who would ever imagine that a remake of the Rat Packís lazy and silly Oceanís Eleven would be worth doing? But word of mouth says that the director, Steven Soderbergh, has created a very stylish, cool and gripping Vegas heist movie, with great performances from Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

My choice for cult hit of the year is the director Wes Andersonís The Royal Tenenbaums. This is set to be a brilliantly comic tale of a dysfunctional family, with Gene Hackman, Ben Stiller and Gwyneth Paltrow.

No movie year is complete without a tragic tale. The thinking personís tear-jerker of 2002 is Iris. Starring Judi Dench and Kate Winslet, this is the story of the novelist Iris Murdoch and her descent into Alzheimerís disease.

But for a pin-up with a problem, thereís no beating Russell Crowe in Ron Howardís A Beautiful Mind. Crowe plays the maths genius John Forbes Nash Jr, a schizophrenic struggling to survive.

Of course, a new Martin Scorsese film is always an event. His long-awaited Gangs of New York is a period piece set among Irish and Italian gangs of the 19th century, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis. More machismo comes from Ridley Scottís Black Hawk Down, starring Josh Hartnett (see interview, page 4).

But for sheer can-he-do-it-again or will-he-fall-on-his face curiosity, thereís no film more enticing than The Road to Perdition, Sam Mendesís follow-up to American Beauty. Itís a gangster film, starring Tom Hanks as a hit man - howís that for a curious movie?

Source: The Sunday Times, January 6





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