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TV appearances/programs:

January 20, 8pm -- Golden Globes awards ceremony

January 21 (UK), 11.35pm -- Film 2002 Golden Globe special [Thanks to Karen for the tip]

January 22 -- Kate on the Tonight Show

January 23 (UK), BBC1, 10.35pm -- Iris Murdoch: Strange Love

January 24 -- (Confirmed by Miramax) Today; Rosie O’Donnell; Charlie Rose (PBS)

Another chance to vote for Kate: Romance Movie Poll 2002 -- VOTE! Sense and Sensibility is one of the choices for 'what’s the best romantic movie of the past 25 years?' Kate and Leo in Titanic is one of the choices for 'pick the one best movie love scene'.

If you have seen IRIS, post your opinion about the film - and Kate's performance - in a BBC News poll.

Vote for Kate in E! Online's Golden Globe fashion poll.




Go HERE for screen caps and transcripts from the Golden Globes Awards ceremony!

I made a video clip of Kate's presentation for Real Player - GO (click on title at top of page to open player)


Kate accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress ('Iris') at the 27th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics awards ceremony Jan 22. E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood showed on Jan 23 brief clips of Kate at the ceremony. View screen caps on the LA Film Critics Awards page.


I have posted a transcript and screen caps of Kate's appearance on the Tonight Show. GO!!

Listen to the entire interview! (Real Player) Audio Clip 1 (3:27)

Audio Clip 2 (6:58)

Watch video clip (Real Player) - Kate talks about her Golden Globe experiences.


Reminder Jan 22 -- Kate is scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show this evening (NBC)!



Power Couple x 2 -- Kate and Sam dined with Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson after the Golden Globe award ceremony (Sam directed Tom in 'The Road To Perdition'):



Also, thanks to Andy for the tip on two new pics of gorgeous Kate arriving at the GG's - they're posed on the GG page.


There's more on the recent London premiere of Iris in the current issue of Hello! magazine. Here’s the online site’s 'teaser' on the item:

Cherie and Euan Blair share the limelight with stars Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet at the British premiere of Iris

All eyes were on Prime Minister Tony Blair’s dashing young son Euan as he arrived at the London premiere of the eagerly anticipated film Iris, accompanied by his mother Cherie and a mystery girlfriend. The surprise appearance of Blair mother and son, enjoying a rare public night out together, almost upstaged the arrival of the film’s stars, Kate Winslet and Dame Judi Dench, both of whom play novelist Dame Iris Murdoch at different stages of her life in the acclaimed biopic directed by Sir Richard Eyre.
Kate, 26, who looked particularly glamorous in a plunging white Dolce & Gabbana jacket and black trousers, was escorted to the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, and to the nearby Washington Hotel for the party, by her 21-year-old brother Joss.
The cream of Britain’s acting aristocracy turned out for the film’s glittering premiere, including Vanessa Redgrave, Miranda Richardson, Zoe Wanamaker, Greta Scacchi, James Fox, Nigel Havers and Richard E Grant. The gala night was also attended by Dame Iris’ husband of 40 years, the university lecturer and literary critic Professor John Bayley.

As soon as this issue if available here, I’ll scan it!


Golden Parties Amid Tight Security

By Roger Friedman

The Golden Globe parties went all night at Merv Griffin’s Beverly Hilton. Some were more successful than others...

Meanwhile upstairs at the Miramax party, Kevin Spacey mixed it up with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and his wife Theresa. What a strange trio. Spacey wore sunglasses for a good part of the evening, and sort of continued to play Quoyle from The Shipping News.

Also spotted at Miramax: their two acting winners, Sissy Spacek and Jim Broadbent, as well as Kate Winslet with Sam Mendes, Harrison Ford, Robert Forster, Christina Ricci and Ben Affleck, among others. Miramax's party was so packed at one point that hotel security had to be asked by the fire marshall to cut off the entrance. That didn't stop Sean 'P Diddy' Combs from cruising the room, as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Griffiths, plus Bandits star Troy Garity with his couture clothing designer girlfriend, and Dimension house director Wes Craven, currently working on a new film for the studio called Pulse.

Source: Fox News, January 22


Thanks to Karen for this item!

katemiajimjan2.jpg (124541 bytes)Poor Little Mia -- Love-split star Kate plays out tragedy as she hands over baby in the street

Heartache is etched on the face of movie beauty Kate Winslet as she steels herself to hand over her beloved daughter Mia to her ex.


Iris did very nice box office in the UK this past weekend:

Miramax's Kate Winslet/Judi Dench starrer "Iris" penned a promising $537,000 in its native U.K., its first try outside the U.S. [Per Variety]

Iris Impresses... By Robert Mitchell in London

On the weekend it won Jim Broadbent a Golden Globe award for best actor in a supporting role, Iris opened in the UK with an equally solid performance. Distributed by Buena Vista International, the drama opened at just 84 sites nationwide (it widens to approximately 250 on Feb 15) to take sixth place in the chart with $546,205 (£380,159). This gave Iris the strongest site average amongst this week’s wide openers, of $6,502. Starring Judi Dench and Kate Winslet as Iris Murdoch at different times in her life and Broadbent and Hugh Bonneville as her husband John Bayley, the film played particularly well in London’s west-end where it grossed $216,990 (£151,025) from 19 sites – second this week only to The Lord Of The Rings.


Golden Globes For NBC

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - NBC's telecast of the Golden Globe Awards drew its largest audience in three years and dominated Sunday night's ratings. According to preliminary nationals from Nielsen, the 59th annual kudofest averaged 23.4 million viewers during its three hours (8-11 p.m.), peaking in the 10 p.m. half-hour (25.6 million), when received the career achievement award.


The folks at TV Guide Online have commented on celebs' appearances and behavior at the GG’s:

Low-Key Globes Still a High Time
...Most likely to need a hairdresser: Kate Winslet and Renee Zellweger. We don't insist that celluloid goddesses always look like they just stepped out of a salon, but, with their limp, uncombed tresses, these two looked like they had never set foot in one. What, are there no SuperCuts in Beverly Hills?


Jim Broadbent Overwhelmed By Award
By Baz Bamigboye

Unsung character actor Jim Broadbent was the surprise package of the Golden Globe awards. Broadbent, 52, was named Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the academic John Bayley in Iris. As he was embraced by costar Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman, who appeared with him in Moulin Rouge, the British actor seemed overwhelmed - and under-prepared.

He was so sure he would not win that he had no speech written and was genuinely flustered when he was called on stage. 'This is amazing. I couldn't be more surprised,' he said after beating Ben Kingsley, Jude Law and Steve Buscemi. 'I've not got anything worked out.' As he made his way up the red carpet on arrival at the Beverly Hilton, he had said simply being there was enough. 'There's Jon Voight and James Coburn - all my heroes,' he gushed. 'I might pass out.'

After his win, he was even more upbeat. 'I'm terribly excited, over-excited really,' he said, hugging wife Anastasia. 'I'll start misbehaving if I'm not careful. I'll get loud and get irresponsible and start drinking. To be honest, I just came to enjoy the parties. I've never been to the Globes before. I didn't really think there was a probability of my winning.'

Broadbent was the only British actor to win a Globe - widely seen as an indicator of possible Oscar success - although Miss Winslet, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton were nominated...


Kidman and Crowe are Oscar favourites -- Latest odds released

The odds on Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman getting their hands on Oscars have fallen, following their Golden Globes successes. Rusty stands at 6-4 to go where only Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks have gone before and pick up successive Best Actor Academy Awards, according to bookmaker Paddy Power. Kidman's Best Actress odds, meanwhile have dropped to 5-2 for her role in The Others. Her closest competition comes from Sissy Spacek, who is at 6-4. Renee Zellweger is an outsider for her v. good role as Bridget Jones. As for the Brits, Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet are in the running for prizes in Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively for Iris. Their co-star in Iris, Jim Broadbent, is now a favourite for Best Supporting Actor following his surprise Golden Globe Award in the same category.

Source: People News, January 22


Lights, Camera ... Romance
An incurable romantic or a die-hard cynic? Regardless of their take on Valentine's Day, film lovers know that while flowers die and chocolates melt, favorite movie characters never disappoint.

So for the romantic or the cynic, Netflix, the world's largest online DVD rental source, cut to the heart of the matter by tracking its most-rented romantic dramas and breakup films in recent years. Below are flirtatious favorites guaranteed to make Valentine's Day sizzle.

Romantic Dramas:

1) Jerry Maguire; 2) Malena; 3) An Officer And A Gentleman;

4) TITANIC -- (1997) From acclaimed filmmaker James Cameron comes this Academy Award-winning epic about forbidden love and courage in the face of disaster. Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar-nominee Kate Winslet light up the screen as young lovers who find each other on the maiden voyage of the "unsinkable" R.M.S. Titanic. When the doomed luxury liner collides with an iceberg in the frigid North Atlantic, their passionate love affair becomes a thrilling race for survival.

5) Casablanca; 6) City Lights; 7) Notorious; 8) The Graduate; 9) Cinema Paradiso; 10) Good Will Hunting

Source: PR Newswire, January 22


Thanks to dear Allan for typing and sending me an article in today's (Jan 21) Daily Mail: "The Ruthless Reinvention of Kate Winslet". [Stepping up on my soapbox, LOL... As the star of the biggest box-office success of all time and the most talented young actress in film today, doesn't Kate deserve to be on the showbiz A-list? Yes! As long as she continues to handle her success the way she has, I'm all for it! Therefore, I feel changing PR firms was a wise move.]


Here’s another idea for a sequel to Titanic [LOL]:

Titanic II and Cast Away II

Poor old Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is swallowed by a whale and regurgitated six months later on a desert island, where he meets Chuck (Tom Hanks). Together they build a raft and navigate their way back to Rose (Kate Winslet). She, of course, falls in love with both of them but can't choose which to marry, so she jacks Chuck, chucks Jack and becomes a nun - the ultimate iceberg.

Source: The Guardian, January 21


Kate Winslet was one of the best-dressed women last week [at the London Iris premiere]:

Let's face it, January's a difficult time for event dressing. The cold, the rain, the Christmas and New Year excesses have all taken their toll and trends have been exhausted. Victorian? Puh-lease. Frankly, the world's a fashion year older and suffering from style ennui. So what's the solution? Well, in London and LA last week, girls and boys ditched the baby-doll nightdresses and novelty ties in favour of some lo-fi jacket wearing. Julia Roberts sensibly avoided by donning a classic black jacket, trademark auburn locks and some flirty jewellery at the appropriately named . Kate Winslet also went sensible-but-styled at Iris in naughty-but-nice white Dolce & Gabbana. Both actresses may be at the centre of relationship maelstroms, but on the night, butter wouldn't melt. The jacket also came into its own at the premiere of the trigger-happy Black Hawk Down, with both Tara P-T and Josh Hartnett giving a nod to military chic. Hartnett also sported a Gallagher-esque monobrow - a look frankly too fashionable to catch on. And finally, at Asprey and Garrard, Maya von Schonburg did the right thing and buckled up. Look out, the jacket is back in town.


Mind And Moulin Head Up Globes [I'll move the GG articles to the GG section later]

...Although nominated for 10 awards, the Brits went home with only two from last night’s ceremony. Jim Broadbent, who picked up Best Supporting Actor for his role in Iris, thanked his cast members in his acceptance speech, singling out Dame Judi Dench who he said made things so easy for him. Britain’s other winner was Sting whose song for the Meg Ryan romantic comedy Kate & Leopold won Best Original Song.

Kate Winslet, who had been picked for Best Supporting Actress, predicted her failure when she arrived at last night’s awards, telling British journalists how nervous she was; ‘This is the third time I’ve been nominated, but I’m probably not going to win it again!’

Source: Empire Online, January 21


Golden Globe for Brit actor Broadbent

Actor Jim Broadbent is the only Brit to have scooped a top prize at the 59th annual Golden Globes Awards ceremony in Hollywood. He won the best actor in a supporting role category for his portrayal of Iris Murdoch's husband John Bayley in the film Iris. Broadbent starred with Dame Judi Dench as the literary critic husband of Murdoch, the late novelist and philosopher who died in February 1999. The film is an intimate portrait of the relationship between Iris and John over a period of 40 years since they first met in Oxford in the 1950s.

Accepting his award after beating competition from actors including Jude Law, Ben Kingsley and Steve Buscemi, a clearly shocked Broadbent said: "This is amazing, I couldn't be more surprised, I've not got anything worked out."

Before the awards he said: "I'm overwhelmed, I'm trembling. There's Jon Voight and James Coburn, all my heroes. I might pass out."

At a star-studded bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, he paid tribute to fellow British actors Dame Judi and to Kate Winslet who played the young Iris in the film...

Source: ITV, January 21


Sting Wins Best Song Globe

Although, on the whole, UK acts didn't fair too well at this year's Golden Globe Awards, which took place in LA on January 29th, there was some good news on the night, thanks to Sting. The former Police frontman won the Best Song gong for his track Until, which is featured in the film Kate & Leopold, starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.
Scottish composer Craig Armstrong, who also worked on soundtracks for Romeo + Juliet and Plunkett & Macleane, took home the Best Soundtrack Award, for his work on Moulin Rouge.
The only other major UK winner at this year's Globes was Jim Broadbent, who bagged himself the Best Actor prize, for his role in the biopic Iris, which also stars Kate Winslet and Judi Dench as the tragic writer Iris Murdoch.
Meanwhile, it was a good night for the Aussies, as Nicole Kidman was named Best Actress In a Comedy Or Musical, for her role in Moulin Rouge, and Russell Crowe won Best Male, for his role in A Beautiful Mind, in which he plays Nobel Award winner John Forbes Nash who battled with schizophrenia. The film also scooped three other awards, including Best Drama.

Source: Yahoo! Music, January 21


Tom Cruise's ex, Nicole Kidman, walked the red carpet without a date, but there was no shortage of glamorous couplings.

Billy Bob Thornton clung tightly to his wife, Angelina Jolie, who flew in Sunday morning from Montreal where she's filming a movie. "I'm never nervous about awards. I'm nervous about this sort of thing," Thornton said, nodding toward the gauntlet of reporters and photographers. Jolie was conservatively dressed in a black satin strapless gown, matching wrap and jumbo pearl choker. "I'm just happy we're together," she said. "We're in our own little bubble."

Also making the scene: Charlie Sheen and fiancee Denise Richards; Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith; and Kate Winslet and director Sam Mendes. "It's a fun party," said Denzel Washington, holding hands with his wife.


Poor Return For Brits At Globes

Despite more than a dozen nominations at this year's prestigious Golden Globes, just three of the winners came from the UK. Jim Broadbent was the only UK actor to pick up an award, named best supporting actor for his role in Iris. Rock star Sting was given the prize for best original song for Until..., used in the film Kate and Leopold. And Scottish musician Craig Armstrong, who created the wild music that accompanied Moulin Rouge, won the award for best original score.

UK stars including Ewan McGregor, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet had all been in the running for acting awards, but Broadbent was the only British winner. In Iris, he plays John Bayley, the husband of late British novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch who cares for her while she is in the grip of Alzheimer's disease. "This is amazing, I couldn't be more surprised, and I really haven't got anything worked out," he said by way of an acceptance speech. "I'd just like to thank the producers, the director, the writers, the other actors, particularly Judi Dench, who I had so many scenes with and worked... and she made it so easy. And Kate Winslet, who made the film so wonderful, even though I didn't really act with her."

Before the ceremony, he had joked that he was on the verge of passing out because so many of his heroes were there. But he is now an established star himself after his role in Iris as well as acclaimed supporting parts in Moulin Rouge and Bridget Jones's Diary. Broadbent, 52, beat compatriots Jude Law, for AI, and Ben Kingsley, for Sexy Beast, as well as Steve Buscemi, Hayden Christensen and Jon Voight in the best supporting actor category.

Dench and Winslet were both nominated for their roles in Iris, while Tilda Swinton was also up for the best dramatic actress gong for her role in The Deep End. Ewan McGregor lost out in the best actor in a musical or comedy for his role in Moulin Rouge. Helen Mirren and Dame Maggie Smith were both nominated for their supporting roles in period drama Gosford Park, which has a largely UK cast, and for which US film-maker Robert Altman won best director...


From a Reuters/Variety article on box office:

In its first offshore engagement, Miramax's Kate Winslet/Judi Dench starrer "Iris" posted an encouraging $359,000 Friday-Saturday in its native U.K.


As the Golden Globe awards ceremony is tape-delayed here on the west coast (to air at 8pm PST), I'll have to post screen caps, etc. later. According to news reports (as of 5:45), Jennifer Connelly was named Best Supporting Actress, and Jim Broadbent was named Best Supporting Actor:

Broadbent proved to be a surprise winner for his role as John Bayley, the husband of British writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch, who nurses her as she battles Alzheimer's disease. Taking the stage to accept his Golden Globe, Broadbent, who also appeared in this year's musical hit, 'Moulin Rouge', seemed as astonished as everyone in the audience, and said he hadn't prepared any remarks. He went on to thank most of the cast, including Judi Dench, who played Murdoch.


Thanks to Robin for this scan of a pic of Kate on the set of The Life of David Gale!

katedavidgale.jpg (39556 bytes)Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet heat up a real-life crime story
Well, the cast ain't bad: Two Oscar nominees (Kate Winslet and Laura Linney) and one two-time winner (Kevin Spacey) star in this political thriller. Spacey plays Gale, a University of Texas professor and advocate of abolishing the death penalty. When a fellow activist (Linney) is murdered, Gale is falsely convicted of the crime. Winslet's the reporter trying to get Gale's story. Despite the trio's pedigree, director Alan Parker (Angela's Ashes) reports his stars were surprisingly unstarlike. "I'm grateful for actors who are around, as opposed to forever [in] their trailers," he says. "It sounds cliché, but I'm quite outspoken about people when they're badly behaved." (Fall)


Thanks to Allan for emailing me the transcript he did of Kate's interview on a UK morning talk show last week. (I know just how long it takes to transcribe interviews - whew!) GO HERE to read.


Thanks to George for assisting me today in gathering chart stats for 'What If?'

Ireland: #1 as of January 17 (has been #1 for several weeks now!);

Belgium: #1 for the week starting January 19;

Netherlands: #3 as of January 19 (up from #7);

Austria: #3 for the week starting January 18 (up from #16);

Germany: #6 for the week starting January 18 (was also #6 last week);

Switzerland: #6 for the week starting January 20 (up from #10);

UK: #17 as of January 20 (down from #16, after 8 weeks on the charts);

World Singles Chart: #7 for the week starting January 16 (up from #8);

European Singles Chart: #8 for the week starting January 17


I have made a 1 minute video clip from the E! News Golden Globes special - Kate kisses Geoffrey Rush at press conference in early 2001. It runs on Real Player. Not the best video quality (I'll have better software soon), but at least you can get an idea of what transpired if you haven't yet experienced that moment. GO (click on title at top of page to open Real Player)


More on the program 'Iris Murdoch: Strange Love' that will be broadcast on BBC1 Jan 23:

In life, as in her novels, very little was taboo to Iris Murdoch. She was fascinated by monsters, by power and evil. She also knew that she had the power to bewitch and seduce anyone she chose. In John Bayley, she found an anchor, a balance to the turbulence and complexity of her many love affairs. Strange Love features comment from Bayley and many others, including Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet (who interpret the old and young Murdoch respectively in the film Iris, see review, page 4). It is a moving tribute to someone who, as Richard Eyre puts it, honoured the extraordinariness of people’s lives.


Kate, Judi and Jim had been nominated for Golden Satellite Awards. The awards ceremony was last night (Jan 19); here are the results:

Picture-Drama -- In the Bedroom
Picture-Musical/Comedy -- Moulin Rouge
Picture-Animated or Mixed Media -- Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Actor in a Leading Role-Drama -- Brian Cox, L.I.E.
Actor in a Leading Role-Musical/Comedy -- Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge
Actress in a Leading Role-Drama -- Sissy Spacek, In The Bedroom
Actress in a Leading Role-Musical/Comedy -- Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge
Actor in a Supporting Role-Drama -- Ben Kingsley, Sexy Beast
Actor in a Supporting Role-Comedy/Musical -- Jim Broadbent, Moulin Rouge
Actress in a Supporting Role-Drama -- Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind
Actress in a Supporting Role-Comedy/Musical -- Maggie Smith, Gosford Park
Director -- Baz Luhrman, Moulin Rouge
Adapted Screenplay -- In The Bedroom
Original Screenplay -- Monster's Ball


Glamour is in for tonight’s Golden Globes awards ceremony [I'll have a nice Golden Globes section up today]:

Smarten Up, Ewan
Stars told to put on glam for Golden Globes

Scruffy screen hunk Ewan McGregor has been told to smarten up for tonight's Golden Globe awards. The major film studios have ordered their top stars to put on a glittering show in defiance of terrorist threats.

Ewan, who is nominated for best actor for Moulin Rouge, turned up at the London premiere of Long Time Dead in jeans and T-shirt on Friday night. But he is expected to wear a kilt to accompany co-star Nicole Kidman to the Los Angeles awards, seen as an indicator of who will triumph at the Oscars. He will join a host of top stars who plan to put the glamour back into Tinseltown.

Stars dressed down at November's Emmy awards as a mark of respect to victims of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. But they feel it is time to put on a show for the rest of the world. Top movie wardrobe stylist Vincent Boucher said: "Hollywood is itching to get back to what it does best. Actors are going back to doing their job, which is to be glamorous and a little bit larger than life."

America is refusing to take any chances at the biggest gathering of stars since September 11. Police, FBI agents, bomb squads and special assault teams will be on full alert. Everyone entering the Hilton in Beverly Hills will have their bags searched and will pass through metal detectors. Even stars like Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet will face rigorous security checks. Airspace over Los Angeles has been restricted and surrounding streets cordoned off.

Eight Brits, including Ewan, have been nominated for awards. Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet are in the running for Best Supporting Actress for the portrayal of the old and young novelist Iris Murdoch in Iris. Jim Broadbent, who played Iris's husband, has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Julian Fellows is up for Best Screenplay for Gossford Park, a 1930's comedy of morals and murder. Co-stars Helen Mirren and Dame Maggie Smith have also received nominations. Other British contenders include Tilda Swinton, for The Deep End, and Ben Kingsley for Sexy Beast.

A Beautiful Mind and Moulin Rouge lead with six nominations a piece, including Best Picture bids and honours for actors Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Nicole Kidman and Ewan. David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring have snared four nominations each including Best Dramatic Picture.

Presenters include Tom Hanks, Benjamin Bratt, Renee Zellweger, Kelsey Grammer, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Mel Gibson, Josh Hartnett, Kate Hudson, Martin Sheen and Sela Ward. [They forgot Kate!]

Harrison Ford is this year's Cecil B. DeMille Award winner for his "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field." It is rumoured he will arrive with new love Minnie Driver.


Gilt Trip

By Lou Lumenick

January 20, 2002

...The Globes event has become the favorite warm-up act for the Academy Awards, coming less than a month before nominations are announced. Never mind that the Globes are less accurate as a predictor of actual Oscar wins than honors handed out by the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild. The awards, given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, consist of choices made largely by professional freeloaders with dubious credentials. But producers do put on a good show - it's certainly livelier than the Oscars - even if they also hand out TV awards that are of interest only to the winners. (The Emmys were announced in November.)

The Globes have even shaken off an embarrassing scandal in 1982, when Pia Zadora won a Globe for "Butterfly," one of the worst movies of the 20th century. This in the wake of a junket sponsored by her then-husband, Meshulam Riklis. Here's a look at the races and their Oscar significance:

Best Actress (Musical/Comedy): If the foreign press can honor Madonna for "Evita," they certainly can acknowledge Nicole Kidman for playing a courtesan dying of consumption in "Moulin Rouge." But if Kidman gets a Globe for "The Others" instead, look for a win by Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde." Personally, I'm rooting for Thora Birch ("Ghost World"). Also in: Cate Blanchett (in the flop "Bandits") and Renée Zellweger for "Bridget Jones."

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Connelly as the spouse in "A Beautiful Mind" is a slight favorite over Marisa Tomei ("In the Bedroom"). Also nominated: Cameron Diaz ("Vanilla Sky"), plus three Brits: Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren of "Gosford Park" and Kate Winslet ("Iris").

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Kingsley's image-shattering turn as a tough Brit gangster in "Sexy Beast" seems the clear winner. Also in: Jim Broadbent ("Iris"), Steve Buscemi ("Ghost World"), Hayden Christensen ("Life as a House"), Jude Law ("A.I. Artificial Intelligence") and Jon Voight ("Ali").

Source: New York Post, January 20


A Charlotte newspaper notes the sale of a home on Winslet Drive in Mecklenburg County.




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