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December 30 - January 5


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Kate [on her choice of film roles]: "I never feel this need to match Titanic, I never feel this need to, you know, to sort of beat that or better that, and I think it would be stupid if I did think in that way."



BBC Films is holding a competition to win two tickets to the IRIS premiere in London on the 13th:

Rub shoulders with Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Jim Broadbent, and many more in our exclusive "Iris" competition. The film isn't released until 18th January but we have two tickets for one lucky winner to the "Iris" premiere in London on Sunday 13th January.

Enter and you could find out before anybody else why Judi Dench is tipped for Oscar glory. To be in with a chance to win, just answer all five questions in our quiz correctly.

The deadline for receiving entries is midnight on Wednesday 9th January, 2002. Results will be announced on Thursday 10th January 2002.

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Great new pic of Kate and Mia, reportedly taken Jan 4:

Hat's the way to do it!

Kate Winslet made sure 14-month-old daughter Mia kept nice and warm as they wrapped up for a stroll on chilly Hampstead Heath in North West London yesterday.

Titanic star Kate, 26, is house hunting in the capital with her new film director boyfriend Sam Mendes, 35, after splitting from Miaís dad, 27-year-old Jim Threapleton.

So her new relationship isnít cooling.

Source: The Sun, January 5


Kiss Mia Kate
Kate Winslet enjoys a carefree tender moment with her daughter Mia yesterday after a stressful few months.

The 26-year-old star of Titanic divorced Mia's father, Jim Threapleton, and moved to a London flat from her flood-damaged country home. Then there was all the attention after starting a new relationship with American Beauty director Sam Mendes, 35.

But her troubles seemed a million miles away yesterday as she whirled 14-month-old Mia about in a London park.

Source: Daily Record, January 5


Mia is not only a popular name in England, itís also popular in Scotland:

Highest new entry in the Scots top 100 is Mia, the name of Kate Winslet's baby, at 50. However, celebrity names come and go.

Source: Aberdeen Press & Journal, January 4


Thanks to Jeff for the tip that Kate is on another magazine cover (pic from InStyle shoot last summer). The mag is up for bids on ebay:

Australian Who Weekly magazine, January 14 issue features Kate Winslet on the cover and in a 9 page "The Big Losers" [of weight] story with 3 photo's, 1 is full page.


The Golden Globe nominations always provide a useful indication of who might figure in Oscar's list, as we await the dozens of critics' awards handed out in the coming months. Otherwise you need to be a cross between Mystic Meg and the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter to predict the outcome...

British hopes rest with Jim Broadbent, boasting a double as the nightclub manager (whose rendition of Madonna's Like A Virgin was a showstopper) in Moulin Rouge and the devoted husband in Iris.

Best Supporting Actress -- Brits Judi Dench and Kate Winslet could find themselves competing against each other after playing the same role. Winslet plays the young Iris Murdoch and Dench, an Oscar-winner for Shakespeare In Love, the older Murdoch in Iris. The Golden Globes have got round this by putting up Dench for best actress and Winslet for best supporting actress. Dench could also be nominated for The Shipping News.

Another previous winner and British dame, Maggie Smith, has a shot at an Oscar for either Gosford Park or Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone.

Source: The Northern Echo, January 5


Handicapping The SAG Actor Awards

By Nicole Kristal

Among the busy viewers this time of year are members of the Screen Actors Guild's nominating committee, a randomly selected group of 4,200 active SAG members who will vote starting this week on who should get their nominations for great performances on big and small screens for SAG's Actor Award, to be presented March 10...

Supporting Actress

Much as in the male supporting category, likely candidates for supporting actress have yet to emerge. Marisa Tomei has received good notices for her performance in In the Bedroom, which would give her another shot at supporting (her one Oscar came for supporting in My Cousin Vinny).

But Tomei doesn't clock much screen time, and she is up against the unstoppable Kate Winslet, who took a nod for her performance as the young, pre-Alzheimer's Iris Murdoch in Iris from the L.A. critics. In turn, Winslet has stiff competition from a fellow Brit, Helen Mirren, who got the supporting nod the New York Film Critics Circle for her work in Gosford Park. Though many sources are relishing Maggie Smith's performance as a snooty dame and Richard E. Grant's as a naughty manservant, Mirren has managed to stand out as awards-worthy from a cast chock-a-block with knights, dames, and other Oscar bait (Emily Watson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Derek Jacobi, Michael Gambon, Jeremy Northam, Eileen Atkins, Alan Bates, and so on).

Cameron Diaz pulled the same trick, standing out above star turns by Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, which has garnered mixed reaction. But it's unlikely that will get her an acting nod for this experimental work by writer/director Cameron Crowe, which one wag characterized as an avant-garde film on a big budget: "It's like doing Requiem for a Dream with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt," the source said.

Source: Backstage, Friday, January 04, 05:53 PM EST


Film Portrayals to Stir the Soul

By Stephen Holden

Here is a checklist of some recent films (with special note made of outstanding performances) along with audience advisories...


John Bayley's memoir of his marriage to the writer Iris Murdoch while she was declining from Alzheimer's disease has been reduced to a tidy 90-minute tearjerker that flashes back and forth between the older Iris (Judi Dench) and her sexually free-spirited younger self (Kate Winslet). Anchoring the film is Jim Broadbent's awesomely self-effacing portrayal of her fussy, stammering husband, desperately reaching out to his wife as the disease erases her identity.

Pluses -- Mr. Broadbent's immersion in his character is the year's most astonishing screen acting feat, and the coordination between his performance and that of Hugh Bonneville as his character's younger self is so perfect that the two actors almost blend into one. Ms. Winslet gives another brave, feisty portrait of an independent woman, and Dame Judi's Iris is calmly and magnificently self-effacing.

Minuses -- The movie's back-and-forth structure quickly becomes a gimmick, and despite its wonderful performances the movie feels cramped, shallow and ultimately incomplete.

Source: The New York Times, January 4

Again, I found the 'back-and-forth structure' quite effective, not 'gimmicky'.


Movie Guide by David Sterritt:

Iris (R) -- 3 stars ('good')

Director: Richard Eyre. With Judi Dench, Kate Winslet. (90 min.)

Winslet and Dench play novelist Iris Murdoch at two periods in her life. Some scenes show her early years as a writer and romantic; others paint a sad portrait of declining mental and physical powers that eventually burdened her. Dench and Winslet give strong performances; Jim Broadbent is brilliant as old Bayley.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, January 4


A Variety article about 2002 release schedules indicates a 'fall' release for The Life of David Gale, as expected.


Writer Natasha Walter wonders:

Where Are All The Women Leaders Now?

The women who appear in the reviews of the year are nearly all archetypal, anonymous figures. Here a woman in Afghanistan removing her burqa; there a Catholic woman taking her daughter to school in Belfast; there a female nurse seated next to the Tony Blair at the party conference. Their names are not recorded. And a high proportion of them are mourners: an Israeli woman weeping; a Palestinian woman weeping; a New York woman weeping.

To be fair, in the newspaper sections that reviewed the cultural achievements of the year we saw some admirable female faces shining out, from Joanne Rowling to Kate Winslet, as well as some absurd ones, from Elizabeth Hurley to Geri Halliwell. But as far as world events go, from war to peace, from politics to economics, from heroism to villainy, it's hard to glimpse a woman.

Even a few years ago we might have seen some female faces among the powerful. Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright, Mary Robinson, Hanan Ashrawi, Mo Mowlam, or ditzier figures such as the late Princess of Wales, or Hillary Rodham Clinton, would have popped up in those reviews over the past decade. But now the view of the world presented to us through our media is more relentlessly masculine than ever...

Wouldn't it be great if this year a few more women's faces were seen and a few more women's voices were heard? Wouldn't it be exciting if we saw more women affecting events rather than just being affected by them? Wouldn't it be intriguing to see more heroines - and even anti-heroines - in the present as well as in the past?

Source: The Independent, January 3


I read the list of winners of the 2001 5th Las Vegas Film Critics Awards yesterday. George found the list of nominees today (Jan 3) -- Kate, Judi and James Horner were nominated:

Awarded January 2, 2002

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett - Charlotte Gray; Judi Dench - Iris; Nicole Kidman - Moulin Rouge; Sissy Spacek - In the Bedroom; Tilda Swinton - The Deep End (winner)

Best Supporting Actor: Jim Broadbent - Moulin Rouge; Steve Buscemi - Ghost World (winner); Ian Holm - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; Ben Kingsley - Sexy Beast; Joe Pantoliano - Memento

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Connelly - A Beautiful Mind; Carrie-Anne Moss - Memento; Marisa Tomei - In the Bedroom; Naomi Watts - Mulholland Drive (winner - belongs in the 'lead' category); Kate Winslet - Iris

Best Score: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - John Williams; Iris - James Horner; The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Howard Shore (winner); Moulin Rouge - Craig Armstrong; The Royal Tenenbaums - Mark Mothersbaugh


I just received (Jan 3 2PM) the following message from my contact at Miramax Films:

I just learned that IRIS opens in the following 20 cities on February 15, 2002. Mark your calendars!
New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Boston; Dallas; Washington, D.C.; Detroit; Atlanta; Houston; Seattle; Minneapolis; Cleveland; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/ Boca; Phoenix; Denver; Pittsburgh; Tampa; St. Louis

Earlier this afternoon, Ruby confirmed the January 13 date for the London premiere that I have previously posted, and sent this info:

IRIS Sneak Previews in the following select theaters Friday and Saturday, January 4-5 and January 11-12, 2002:

Los Angeles
Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles
The Galleria in Sherman Oaks
The Courtyard in Palm Springs
The Riviera in Santa Barbara
Costa Mesa - Theatre TBD

New York
Angelika Theater in Manhattan
City Cinemas Cinema 3 in Manhattan
National Amusements Greenburgh in Westchester
Fairfield County, CT - Theater TBD

UA in East Hampton

San Francisco/Bay Area
The Metreon in San Francisco
Sequoia in Mill Valley
Landmark Palo Alto Square in Palo Alto


Thanks to George for sending me the best of 2001 lists by esteemed film critic Andrew Sarris:

Best English-Language Films: 1. A.I.; 2. Gosford Park; 3. Innocence; 4. Mulholland Drive; 5. A Beautiful Mind; 6. Iris; 7. The Man Who Wasn't There; 8. Lantana; 9. The Golden Bowl; 10. Bridget Jones's Diary

Best Lead Actress: 1. Stockard Channing, The Business of Strangers; 2. Julia Blake, Innocence; 3. Judi Dench, Iris; 4. Kerry Armstrong, Lantana; 5. Charlotte Rampling, Under the Sand; 6. Ariane Ascaride, The Town Is Quiet; 7. Naomi Watts, Mulholland Drive; 8. Renee Zellweger, Bridget Jones's Diary; 9. Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde; 10. Cate Blanchett, Bandits

Best Supporting Actress: 1. Frances O'Connor, A.I.; About Adam; 2. Kate Winslet, Iris; 3. Julia Stiles, The Business of Strangers; 4. Cameron Diaz, Vanilla Sky; 5. Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind; 6. Maggie Smith, Gosford Park; 7. Emily Watson, Gosford Park; 8. Helen Mirren, Gosford Park; 9. Eileen Atkins, Gosford Park; 10. Kelly Macdonald, Gosford Park

He put Richard Eyre at #6 on his list of Best Directors; Jim Broadbent at #6 for Best Supporting Actor; Hugh Bonneville #7 for BSA.


Considering all the snide comments by some tabloid writers about actresses who make records, itís nice that someone in the business actually considers talent:

Shaggy Wail -- Shaggy has launched an extraordinary attack on British pop bands and says they should be replaced by the likes of Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman who can actually sing.

"They annoy me," he tells next week's Smash Hits. "When I see them I just start cursing."

Source: The Mirror, January 3


Are people influenced by celebrities when naming their babies?

LONDON (Reuters, Jan 3) - Politicians, actors and well-known characters from TV and film proved inspirations for parents when naming their babies last year, government research has showed.

Traditional names proved to be the most popular, with Jack easily topping the boys' list for the seventh year in succession and Chloe comfortably heading the girls' list for the fifth time in a row, according to figures for England and Wales compiled by the Office of National Statistics.

Further down the list Prime Minister Tony Blair has shown he is a leader in more ways than one. His decision to call his baby son Leo in 2000 has been copied by many of the electorate with the name jumping 42 places to 101st.

Movie stars proved a popular inspiration for names. Mia, the name given by "Titanic" star Kate Winslet to her daughter, leapt 20 places to number 25, and Erin, possibly inspired by the successful film "Erin Brockovich", rose 10 places to 41st.

The unusual name "Rocco" which pop superstar Madonna gave her son born in 2000 has also started to appear on the list, although not high enough for a ranking, along with "Maximus", the character played by Russell Crowe in the Oscar-winning film "Gladiator". Angelina, possible boosted by actress Angelina Jolie's role in the "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" movie, soared 277 places to number 483 and Willow, the name of a character in the hit U.S. TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", rose 175 places to 245.

The findings were based on names given to 267,875 boys and 254,978 girls born in 2001.

Several other publications included this story, and some listed the ten most popular names:

(1) Jack; (2) Thomas; (3) Joshua; (4) James; (5) Daniel; (6) Harry; (7) Samuel; (8) Joseph; (9) Matthew; and (10) Lewis.

(1) Chloe; (2) Emily; (3) Megan; (4) Jessica; (5) Sophie; (6) Lauren; (7) Charlotte; (8) Hannah; (9) Olivia; and (10) Lucy.


Here's another report that includes IRIS as one of 'The Hottest Movies of 2002':

[The films mentioned in the article include: Monsters, Inc; Star Wars - Attack of the Clones; The Matrix Reloaded; James Bond 20; Oceanís 11; The Shipping News; Possession; Iris; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers.]

...Judi Dench makes a second appearance in Iris opposite Kate Winslet. Both actresses play Iris Murdoch in this story of the late novelist's relationship with her husband John Bayley, played by Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent.


Who's in it? Kate Winslet, Dame Judi Dench, Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent.

What's it about? Based upon Murdoch's husband's Bayley's memoir, Elegy For Iris, the film traces their relationship through 40 years from their first meeting as teachers at Oxford. Murdoch, once described as England's most intelligent woman, battled against Alzheimer's in the later years of her life and the disease eventually killed her.

Behind the scenes gossip: Early reports from previews suggest that the film is tremendously poignant.

Release date: Spring

Box office clout: It's Winslet's first film since her much publicised romance with director Sam Mendes which might give it extra weight though some cinema goers might be put off by the serious content.


U.S. gossip columnist Neil Travis has included a mention of the Kate/Sam relationship in his Jan 2 report:

Winning Winslet

Director Sam Mendes broke a few hearts on Broadway and in Hollywood, but it looks like he's about to settle down on his home turf in London. The papers there are saying that Mendes and star Kate Winslet are a hot item and may soon set up house together.


BBC News has an article today (Jan 2) about Dame Judi Denchís chances for another Oscar for her performance in IRIS. Go HERE to read. Thereís just a brief mention of Kate:

Dame Judi portrays Murdoch in later life while Kate Winslet depicts her earlier years.

Both have been nominated for Golden Globes, Dame Judi for best actress and Winslet for best supporting actress.


A writer attempts to educate the public about UK divorce laws, and uses celebrities as an example:

Lawyers Attack Misery of Fault Game Divorces

By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent
The divorce of the actress Kate Winslet and her husband, Jim Threapleton, last month highlighted the dilemma facing couples who want a quick separation without making allegations against each other in court. Threapleton's "unreasonable behaviour" was cited in court, despite public acknowledgement that the couple had drifted apart.

The Winslet divorce and the bitter split of the pop singer Noel Gallagher from his wife, Meg Mathews, which included an allegation of his adultery, contrasts with celebrity divorces in the United States where couples can be legally separated in days by citing irreconcilable differences.

Yesterday, the head of the Solicitors' Family Law Association, which represents 5,000 family lawyers in England and Wales, said it was time that the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine of Lairg, implemented legislation permitting "no-fault" divorces...

Grounds For Divorce (adultery and behavior)

Behavior -- The most popular reason (45 per cent in 1999). The petitioner must say their spouse has behaved in such a way that they cannot reasonably be expected to live together. Details must be given although courts discourage a catalogue of grievances. Common incidents include the deterioration of the couple's sexual relationship, lack of respect for the other's views or a feeling of not being valued. Divorce must be sought within six months of the latest complaint.


The Mirror has published a list of the Top 10 Women Earners:

1 Catherine Zeta Jones £6.7m

2 Elizabeth Hurley £3.6m

3 Jane Seymour £3.2m

3 Kim Cattrall £3.2m

5 Julie Andrews £2.7m

6 Jane Leeves £2.6m

7 Rachel Weisz £2.5m

8 Emily Watson £2.3m

9 Dame Judi Dench £2.2m

10 Kate Winslet £1.9m

BTW - There is mega coverage in the UK papers today of Jane Leeves' (Daphne on Frasier) deal - £20 for three more seasons, resulting in revelations of the earnings of other British actresses. I think weíll see Kateís earnings go up considerably in the near future.


Where would you place Kate on a list of Britainís Most Beautiful Women?

Kate Beckinsale has topped a list of Britain's most beautiful women. The Pearl Harbor actress beat off challenges from Yasmin le Bon, Kate Moss and Nigella Lawson.

The list was compiled by readers of Hello magazine, as well as celebrity photographers, designers and hairdressers.

Kate Winslet came 19th and Catherine Zeta Jones 21st.

The full top ten is:1 Kate Beckinsale; 2 Yasmin le Bon; 3 Kristin Scott Thomas; 4 Kate Moss; 5 Julie Christie; 6 Jemima Khan; 7 Nigella Lawson; 8 Joan Collins; 9 Sienna Guillory; 10 Jade Jagger.

Source: Ananova, January 1


Hello! magazineís readers have chosen the Most-Missed Couples of 2001:

56 per cent of you saying that the actor [Tom Cruise] and his flame-haired ex-wife were 2001ís Most-Missed Couple. Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt cornered 24 per cent of the market, while Kate Winsletís shock separation from husband Jim had 11 per cent of the vote. J Lo and her Mr Not-Quite, Sean "Puffy" Combs, got 5 per cent, while just 2 per cent were sad at the break-ups of Minnie Driver with Josh Brolin, and Jamie Theakston from Joely Richardson.
Source: Hello Magazineís 2001 End Of The Year Poll


There is still a great deal of interest in Titanic memorabilia:

This year has seen the internet auction phenomenon fade, the Big Four London auction houses shrink to three, and collectors becoming more choosy, paying top prices for only the rarest items...

It is three years now since Kate Winslet lit up the movie screen in Titanic, but demand for memorabilia continues unabated. Aldridges in Devizes, Wiltshire, raised UKpound 33,500 for a deckchair from the Titanic, UKpound 19,000 for a letter associated with the tragedy, UKpound 19,000 for a souvenir lifebuoy bought on board the Titanic, and UKpound 18,500 for a single menu from breakfast on April 10, five days before she sank.

April 2002 will see the auction house offer a dinner menu estimated at UKpound 12,000 - UKpound 14,000 and a box made from Titanic driftwood for UKpound 4,000-UKpound 6,000.

Source: Financial Times, December 31


Is Kate Winslet on the point of moving in with her new beau, the theatrical wunderkind Sam Mendes? Gossip in north London is that Kate has made "an offer too good to refuse" on Harry Enfield's old house in Primrose Hill, near where Mendes currently lives.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, December 31


Cuppa Loada Kate
3am: Jessica Callan, Eva Simpson, Bryony Gordon

Judging by the look on her face, glum Kate Winslet has not had much festive cheer.

The Titanic star popped in to pick up the coffees for her and lover Sam Mendes after leaving his flat in North London. But the actress's unseasonal sunglasses couldn't conceal her less-than-joyous expression.

Kate, who split from husband Jim Threapleton earlier this year, spent Christmas introducing her new love, the director of hit film American Beauty, to her family.

Source: The Mirror, December 31

Oh, sure, sheís supposed to look 'happy' about being followed everywhere and about Samís home being staked out now, too.


Tea For Two, Kate?

Actress Kate Winslet and director Sam Mendes stocked up on snacks before setting off for a romantic New Year break yesterday.

Kate, 26, is free to party this Hogmanay - her ex-husband Jim Threapleton, 27, has their 14-month-old daughter Mia for the big night.

Mendes, 35, and Kate are house-hunting after meeting each other's parents at Christmas.

Source: Daily Record, December 31


Film Studies: Get Your Oscar Nominations And Winners Here

By David Thomson

Even in America - where there is an understandable, yet perilous, inclination to think that 2001 has been all about US - an inescapable lesson looms in this year's films. Don't start getting jingoistic, but I suspect the Academy Awards for this year (to be handed out in March) may call few Americans to the stage. You can make a case for all the winners coming from Britain, or the other cricket-playing nations. You can even draw up lists of nominations in some categories where no runner is American. Of course, all this is guessing (and education is bad for gambling)...

Sissy Spacek in In the Bedroom could be the sole American contestant for Best Actress. For company give her Judi Dench in Iris, Cate Blanchett in Charlotte Gray (though the film is a big disappointment), Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and/or The Others, and Tilda Swinton in The Deep End. With two dazzling and very different performances, I think this is Kidman's year.

At Best Supporting Actor, the wealth is nearly all British: Hoskins, and maybe some of the others, in Last Orders, Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge and/or Iris, Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast, Michael Gambon in Charlotte Gray, and Jude Law in A.I. The only American with a chance is Jon Voight as the sports commentator Howard Cosell in Ali.

For Best Supporting Actress, Helen Mirren in Last Orders is beyond even her own best; Kate Winslet is the young Iris; Maggie Smith could get a nod for Gosford Park; I'd reward Cameron Diaz for surviving Vanilla Sky; and I'd nominate Aurore Clement in Apocalypse Now Redux, just to test the rules - yes, it's an old film, but Clement's beautiful cameo was entirely missing from the original version.

Source: Independent, December 30


Zeusefer's Weekly Oscar Prediction Charts have been updated today (though backdated). Remember, this is one person's opinion, and "the predictions are based on buzz on casting, character & film as well as on reviews".

Kate had been the #1 BSA choice for the past four weeks; she is now at #2. My opinion on the change in rankings this week for all involved in IRIS is that several people (including "Zeusefer") may be overlooking the fact that IRIS screening tapes weren't sent out to members of all film associations (who have recently voted), and that screenings were not held in all major cities - so, the film simply hasn't been seen yet by members of groups who have seen most of the other films in contention. For example, two members of the Online Film Critics Society said yesterday, when their nominations were announced, that they hadn't seen IRIS yet. As one said, "the reason that some of those films (Iris, Black Hawk Down) did not receive nominations is that most of us (myself included) have not received screeners and the film has not yet screened locally." Another said, "well, if the filmmakers don't want their flicks to be overlooked, be gracious and screen them outside of NYC and LA."

Zeusefer's rankings:

Best Supporting Actress:

1 Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind (win possible, nom certain)

2 Kate Winslet, Iris (win possible, nom certain)

3 Helen Mirren, Gosford Park (win and nom possible)

4 Maggie Smith, Gosford Park (win not possible, nom certain)

5 Marisa Tomei, In The Bedroom, (win not possible, nom possible)

Judi Dench is at the #2 slot on the Best Actress chart; Jim Broadbent is #2 on the Best Supporting Actor chart; Richard Eyre is at #23 on the Best Director chart, and at #10, along with Charles Wood, on the Best Adapted Screenplay chart; IRIS is at #16 on the Best Picture chart.

Oscar Central's predictions of the BSA nominees are: Connelly, Mirren, Smith, Tomei and Winslet.

Oscar Watch's predictions are: Connelly, Mirren, Tomei, Watts, Winslet. [Naomi Watts is being campaigned as 'supporting', although everyone agrees she is really 'lead'. Definitely unfair to the other potential BSA nominees.]


Sunday December 30 2:44 PM ET

LONDON, Dec 30 (Reuters) - British pop idol Robbie Williams and Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman have ended 2001 on a musical high, entering the New Year at the top of the British singles chart. The duo spent their third week at number one with their remake of the Frank Sinatra classic "Somethin' Stupid," the Official UK Charts Company said in a statement on Sunday. Williams also retained the top spot in the British album chart with "Swing When You're Winning," his homage to Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the "Rat Pack."

Daniel Bedingfield, in his fifth week in the chart, moved up one place to number two with his garage anthem "Gotta Get Thru This."

Falling one place to three was club crooner Gordon Haskell who had challenged Williams/Kidman for the coveted Christmas number one with his BBC Radio 2 hit "How Wonderful You Are."

British diva Sophie Ellis Bextor held on to fourth position with "Murder on the Dancefloor," while Welsh rockers Stereophonics retained the number five spot with their cover of Rod Stewart's "Handbags and Gladrags."

The biggest Top 10 chart mover was actress Kate Winslet who went from 11 to nine with "What If," her ballad from the new animated film version of "A Christmas Carol."


Sunday, 30 December, 2001, 19:20 GMT

BBC News

Williams Wins Again

Robbie Williams ends 2001 dominating the music scene - with both his single and album staying at the top of the charts. His duet with Nicole Kidman, Somethin' Stupid, is number one for the third week running, while his album Swing When You're Winning is also at the summit.

Pub crooner Gordon Haskell slipped to three with How Wonderful You Are while newcomer Daniel Bedingfield's Gotta Get Thru This rose back up the chart to three.

Kate Winslet made a return to the top ten, as her What If crept up two places from 11 to nine.


Update Dec 30 AM: What If? is #1 in two countries -- Ireland and Belgium!!

UK Top 10 as of December 30, according to BBC Radio 1:

1 Somethin' Stupid -- Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman

2 Gotta Get Thru This-- Daniel Bedingfield

3 How Wonderful You Are -- Gordon Haskell

4 Murder On The Dancefloor -- Sophie Ellis Bextor

5 Handbags and Gladrags -- Stereophonics

6 Will I -- Ian Van Dahl

7 Have You Ever -- S Club 7

8 Lately -- Samantha Mumba

9 What If -- Kate Winslet (up from #11)

10 Country Roads -- Hermes House Band

Belgium -- Week starting December 29: #1 (up from #5) in its fourth week

Germany -- Week starting December 21: #9 (up from #10)

Switzerland -- Week starting December 23: #10 (down from #8) in its third week

Austria -- Week starting December 21: #19 (up from #36) in its third week

Netherlands -- As of December 22: #28

World Singles Chart -- Week starting December 19: #17 (up from #27)

Thanks to my friend George for providing links to some of the charts!


Irish singles chart for the week ending December 27:

1 What If? - Kate Winslet
2 Something Stupid - Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman
3 Lately - Samantha Mumba
4 Country Roads - Hermes House Band
5 Murder on the Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor
6 Have You Ever? - S Club 7
7 Handbags and Gladrags - Stereophonics
8 Because I Got High - Afroman
9 What Would You Do? - City High
10 Family Affair - Mary J Blige

Source: 2fmís Music Zone Official Top 30


A writer for the Irish Times has predicted 'The Tops of 2002':

5 -- 'The Life of David Gale' - Alan Parker's first film since 'Angela's Ashes' returns him to the confrontational issues genre of his 'Midnight Express' and 'Mississippi Burning'. Kevin Spacey plays a firm opponent of the death penalty who finds himself on Death Row after being convicted of murder. Kate Winslet, playing a reporter trying to stop the execution, co-stars along with Laura Linney and Gabriel Mann (autumn).

7 -- 'The Road to Perdition' - Director Sam Mendes follows his Oscar-winning cinema debut, 'American Beauty' by bringing a 1998 graphic novel to the screen. Set in 1930s Chicago, it stars Tom Hanks as a hitman, Michael O'Sullivan, who seeks revenge for the murder of most of his family. The cast includes Jude Law, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stanley Tucci, Dylan Baker and Ciaran Hinds (summer).


There is a mention of Kate in a nice article about Nicole Kidman that appears in the UK Telegraph. Go HERE to read.

More recently, her circle of friends has broadened to include European actresses. It now includes Juliette Binoche, Kate Winslet ('a good woman,' says Kidman) and Emma Thompson ('she's so smart, I really admire her, and she just gets on and lives her life').

All of them have recently had reason to celebrate with Kidman as well as commiserate...

Next year Kidman is also expected to return to the Donmar Warehouse for director Sam Mendes, and star with Winslet in an as yet unannounced play: the smart money says Chekhov's Three Sisters. [Actually, Sam has said Kate is committed to other work at that time. But, things can always change!]


Thanks to Robin (aka 'joliefemme') for sharing with me a pic of Kate at the Enigma premiere in Edinburgh last August that appears in the January 2002 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (itís on the last page). Iím posting a small image here; go to Robinís gallery for a larger image.


IRIS is in a league of its own due to the performances:

Listings: Look ahead The top arts events of the coming months

IRIS -- Itís an unlikely premise for a film: a chronicle of the life of the author Iris Murdoch, from bluestocking Oxford undergraduate to her death from Alzheimerís in 1999. But the performances from Judi Dench (Murdoch), Jim Broadbent, Kate Winslet and Hugh Bonneville are predicted to put this film in a league of its own. Nationwide from Jan 18.

Source: UK Times, December 30


Thanks to Susie for this news:

"The German TV guide TV Movie celebrates its 10th anniversary, and so a lot of stars congratulated in issue 1/2002 (TV guide from 29th Dec. - 11th Jan. ), INCLUDING KATE! They gave her a whole page! It shows the cover pic from Premiere Mag of Nov. 1999 (only the wrong side, like in a mirror!), and in Kate's handwriting it says 'Congratulations! 10 YEARS of growing success... With love from Kate Winslet.' I think this is so cool, because even Steven Spielberg got only a quarter of a page, and Robert Redford got only a very small snippet."


Richard did a search for the sheet music to What If? and found that it is available through musicroom.com:

Our price: £2.95

Media: Sheet Music

Availability: In Stock - usually ships in 24 hours

Arrangement: Piano and Voice, with Guitar chord boxes

Festive charity hit single taken from the new animated film 'Christmas Carol: The Movie', from the makers of 'The Snowman'. The terrific ballad is sung by the star of 'Titanic', who provides the voice for Scrooge's old flame, Belle.


Kate is reportedly a fan of the hair treatment known as balayage:

Beautyfile: Lighten up A hot new colouring technique will give every wannabe blonde something to smile about

Emma Hill reports

Unless youíre the jet-set type, January is rarely a time for looking healthy and glowing. But you can trust the ever-helpful beauty industry to have a trick or two up its sleeve. Few are more appealing, as I recently discovered, than "balayage", a hot new hair-highlighting technique. Already a hit with the Hollywood set - Meg Ryan, Renťe Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, among others - itís fast becoming the way to add sun-kissed lights to hair in London, too. Brit balayage fans include Kate Moss, honorary Brit Madonna, the newsreader Kirsty Young, Kate Winslet, Sadie Frost, Jemma Kidd and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Balayage originated in France and involves painting on the colour freehand, resulting in a shimmering, sun-lightened look that will fool anybody that youíve spent the past month in Barbados. It was Christophe Robin, Franceís leading colourist, who inspired that champion of blondes, John Frieda, to adapt balayage for his market. Friedaís LA colourist, Lorri Goddard, took on and perfected the technique for her Hollywood set and then taught the London team, headed by Susan Baldwin, to work their colour magic in Britain.

As a technique, itís more creative than traditional foils. The classic colour-then-cut routine is turned on its head - you book in for your cut first, which is the key to creating the natural finish: "You work the colour around the cut," says Baldwin, "painting the top layers exactly where the light hits the hair."

The technique works equally well on dark hair. Itís combined with "smudging", which softens the original colour a shade or two before the highlights are added. The result is softer and more natural.

So does this spell the end for foils? Not according to Louise Galvin, the colourist daughter of the renowned colour expert Daniel Galvin: "Balayage is best for doing a few lights on top of the hair. But, for something more intricate, itís not the best technique."

That said, if itís a bit of brightening up youíre after, balayage takes some beating. Iíve already booked my next appointment.

Source: UK Times, December 30


Most of us would have a lot of time for Kate, LOL. So do the 'new you people':

Who, Where, How, What: Your Guide To Spotting A New You

New You People

Theyíve got a lot of time for:

Louis Theroux, Sarah Macaulay (Mrs Gordon Brown), Alan Rusbridger (editor of The Guardian), Robert Harris, Nigella Lawson, Matthew Taylor (director of the Institute for Public Policy Research), the lead singer from Coldplay, Jo Whiley, Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet, Kevin Spacey, Jon Snow, Trudie Styler

They universally despise:

The Old U, the royal family, Ian Duncan Smith, William and Ffion Hague, Posh Spice, Geri Halliwell, The Telegraphs, Mr and Mrs Neil Hamilton

Source: UK Times, December 30


The 'movie mask' software (that I have previously reported on) is making its way to Britain:

Home censor for DVD films A computerised "home censor", to go on sale in Britain in March, will allow parents to cover up scenes of violence or nudity on DVD films that they consider inappropriate for children, writes John Harlow.

Among the changes that can be made with the Movie Mask Player will be covering up Kate Winsletís breasts in Titanic and taking out battlefield gore in Mel Gibsonís Braveheart. The software has been designed in Utah, the US state that is home to the Mormons and has strict censorship laws.

The £50 computer program masks objectionable scenes either cutting them out or digitally altering them. In Titanic, Winslet briefly appears topless so her lover Leonardo DiCaprio can sketch her: in the Movie Mask Player version she wears a corset. Digitally created shields obscure severed limbs in Braveheart, while flak bursts disguise body parts on the Normandy beaches in Saving Private Ryan.

Trilogy, the company producing the software, is part-owned by Marie Osmond, the singing star, and by Larry King, the CNN television interviewer. Rick Wood, chief executive officer of Trilogy, said the issue was parental choice. "Parents can decide what they want to see in the home," he said. "The film itself is not altered, just the presentation."

The software is downloaded on to the hard drive of a home computer or DVD player. When one of 500 films from the companyís "library" is played the software can pick out offending scenes and alter them. Hundreds more films will be available for the latest DVD players that can be hooked up to the internet and use downloaded "patches".

Source: UK Times, December 30




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