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December 23-29


Entertainment Tonight aired on Dec 28 a brief comment by Kate in their segment on celebrity splits, along with clips of Kate at the Oscar ceremony in 1998, making the announcement about the separation in September, and at the IRIS premiere December 2:

Kate Winslet held the year’s only press conference to announce a break-up. The Titanic star divorced filmmaker Jim Threapleton after less than three years, and told ET the reason she was so public about calling it quits:

"I just knew that in, you know, being very straight forward about it, it might make life a little easier for all of us involved."



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Kate [on her Golden Globe nomination]: "He said, 'congratulations, you've been nominated'. And I'd just completely forgotten the nominations came out today because I was so much thinking about what I had to do at work. So, no, I'm really, really, delighted."



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Miramax has placed more 'for your consideration' ads in online trade papers. The ad on the left has appeared previously, the banner ad is new:




Can Mendes Woo Perfect Nicole?

While announcing his retirement at the end of next year from running the Donmar Warehouse, Sam Mendes suggested that the ground was shifting under everyone's feet...

Sam Mendes is still hoping that Nicole Kidman will sign up to play Olivia and Yelena - ideal, unimprovable casting for those roles in his autumn Donmar revivals of Twelfth Night and Uncle Vanya. Simon Russell Beale will go from Humble Boy in the West End to lead that company.

Sam's new girlfriend, Kate Winslet, has pulled out of the project, but she is said to be interested in Proof, the American hit play that John Madden - director of Mrs Brown and Shakespeare In Love - is directing for Mendes in May.

Source: Daily Mail, December 28


Several film critics have named IRIS one of the most anticipated films of 2002:

A Great Year To Go To The Movies

By Christopher Tookey

Next year looks a good deal more promising...

A better bet may be Richard Eyre's Iris (January 18), with Kate Winslet and Judi Dench both tipped for Oscars even though they are playing the same role, the novelist Iris Murdoch, at different ages.

Source: Daily Mail, December 28

2002: A Year In The Arts

By Anthony Quinn

...Dysfunction is, of course, a reliable vehicle for Oscar-grabbing and next year we'll see Russell Crowe playing a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician suffering from schizophrenia in A Beautiful Mind, and Sean Penn as a mentally handicapped man struggling to keep custody of his young daughter in I Am Sam. Another beautiful mind under siege is the subject of Iris, Richard Eyre's screen biography of the novelist, Iris Murdoch, as seen through the eyes of her husband, John Bayley. Kate Winslet plays Iris in her youth and Judi Dench is Iris in her dotage as the writer succumbs to Alzheimer's disease.

Source: The Independent, December 29

Dates For Your Film Diary
The Guardian's film critic looks at the year ahead
By Peter Bradshaw
As soon as 2002 arrives, the thoughts of every Hollywood producer must surely be focused tensely on the Academy awards, and next year will roll out some big performance vehicles for the heavyweight contenders. In January Kate Winslet and Judi Dench will star in Iris, directed by British stage veteran Richard Eyre, about the novelist Iris Murdoch and her touchingly devoted husband, Professor John Bayley. Young and old casting for that part - Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent - looks inspired. The film is much admired in the US, and the odds are shortening rapidly on Dame Judi getting another nomination to add to those she got for Chocolat and Mrs Brown - and, of course, the winning nod for Shakespeare in Love.

Source: The Guardian, December 29

Biopic Trio Packs Emotional Punch

While flawed, they'll likely grab Oscar attention

By David Sterritt

The year is closing with a strong crop of biographical films - or biopics, as they're known in the trade. Each is more a pic than a bio, twisting the facts of a fascinating life into a viewer-friendly narrative arc. But all have enough historical and emotional interest to lure potentially large audiences...

The equally well-acted Iris is also a bit short on intellectual content, even though its main characters are acclaimed novelist Iris Murdoch and author John Bayley, her husband. They're played by different performers at different phases in their lives: Kate Winslet and Judi Dench as Murdoch, and Hugh Bonneville and the great Jim Broadbent as Bayley.

Instead of taking a chronological approach, director Richard Eyre alternates between scenes of their early and late experiences, putting the spotlight mainly on Murdoch - from her youthful years as a writer, when she flirted with everyone in sight and decided to marry Bayley, to her confrontation with declining mental and physical powers.

Look for all three [Iris, A Beautiful Mind, Ali] of these biopics to surface in the coming Oscar races.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor, December 28


Location, Location, Location

By Kieran Falconer

The blockbuster films of 2002 that will inspire holiday choices this summer

The flickering screen has a powerful effect when it comes to influencing the choice of a summer holiday. Location, location, location is a mantra as important to directors as to the holidaymaker, so it is no surprise that films have spawned a thousand trips abroad for those looking to step into the frame of their hero or heroine...

Southwold, Suffolk --

Kate Winslet and Judi Dench star in Iris, Richard Eyre’s biopic about the writer Iris Murdoch. Murdoch and her husband John Bayley were regular visitors to this Suffolk resort, renowned for its pebbly beach and pastel-coloured beach huts.

Release: January 18

Getting There: The Swan (01502 722186, www.adnams.co.uk) is Southwold’s most venerable hotel. A double room costs £105 B&B.

Source: The Times, December 29


Thanks to George for the tip on this item:

Early Oscar Outlook For 2002

By Kristopher Tapley

These ten I think are ten to keep an eye on for the big prizes: Adaptation, Ararat, The Assumption, Catch Me If You Can, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Gangs Of New York, The Life Of David Gale, Pinocchio, The Road To Perdition, S1MONE.

THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE, Alan Parker (Universal)
Full of star power and what could be a return to form for director Alan Parker, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE is the story of an advocate for the elimination of the death penalty who is falsely accused of the rape and murder of one of his colleagues, and thereby placed on death row. The cast and story will without a doubt be a winning combination, and, don't quote me (hehe), but this one is my eaaaaarrlllly frontrunner for EVERYTHING at the moment. Call it my...hunch.

Source: Oscar Central


A recent interview with The Life Of David Gale co-star Kevin Spacey was published this week in Entertainment News Daily. I have posted a portion of the interview on a separate page. Learn more about Kate’s latest project.


The Mirror is at it again. This item is not Kate-related, but very interesting, in light of the attacks they’ve launched against Kate recently:

Liz's Man Gets Nasty
Hollywood film producer Steve Bing has sued the British tabloid The Mirror, alleging he faced death threats when the paper urged readers to call him after he questioned whether he'd impregnated Elizabeth Hurley.

In a series of articles published earlier this month, the paper took Bing to task for questioning whether he was the father of Hurley's child, due in April. The model-actress said at the time that the comments made her "deeply distraught."

The Mirror launched a hunt for Bing -- whom it dubbed "Bing Laden" on a wanted poster-style front page -- for "crimes against Ms. Elizabeth Hurley." Several times, the paper published Bing's Los Angeles-area office number and asked readers to call and "tell him exactly what you think of him."

Marty Singer, Bing's attorney, said his client received death threats. The number since has been disconnected. "This has gone beyond a simple defamatory article to where he feels his safety is at risk," Singer said. "I can't imagine an American publication doing this."

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court in Santa Monica, asks for at least $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages. It also seeks to have the paper cease continued publication of the articles -- which Singer said Bing already asked it to do.

Officials with The Mirror could not be reached for comment early on Thursday morning, London time. A recording said the building had been evacuated but didn't explain why.

Source: Associated Press


Washington Post film critic Desson Howe includes IRIS on his list of Top Ten Films of 2001; IRIS ranks #7.


I’ve always been...

Mad for the Brits

On screen in 2001, everything's coming up English

By Matt Wolf

LONDON (AP) From Bridget Jones to Harry Potter, "The Lord of the Rings" to "Gosford Park," 2001 in movies was an exceptional year for Anglophiles. And it wasn't bad for British actors either...

"I think most Americans really are Anglophiles. Aren't we all in a funny way? The language and history between us is such a connection," said [Gosford Park director] Altman, adding that the opportunity to work with so many stage-trained British actors had great appeal.

One of the year's early hits was the adaptation of Helen Fielding's best-selling novel "Bridget Jones's Diary," about a thirtysomething Londoner. And the emphasis on things English carried right through the year, from small-scale tragic tales like "Iris," about author Iris Murdoch, to large-scale epic adaptations like "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

Rarely have there been so many ensembles of British actors sharing the screen. There scarcely seems to be a British actor out of work.

Hopefully, British actors like Kate will continue to find work that challenges them and delights us.


An interview with Kate was broadcast tonight (Dec 27) on Extra. The interview was done on the day Kate was in LA in November to promote IRIS. Thanks to 'CastOrange' and '3ebfan' for the tip on the show. I taped it and have done a transcript and screen captures. Go HERE!


Two more film critics have honored Kate for her wonderful performance in IRIS:

Film Critic Boo Allen, Denton Record-Chronicle, Dec 27 --

Best supporting actress: Kate Winslet in Iris shows a rising talent getting better with every movie, and Marisa Tomei does unexpectedly fine work in In the Bedroom.

Film Critic Gerald Peary, The Phoenix.com, Dec 27 --

Best supporting actress: Kate Winslet, Iris. Runners-up: Gwyneth Paltrow, The Royal Tenenbaums; Naomi Watts, Mulholland Drive; Brooke Smith, Series 7; Anaïs Reboux, À ma sœur/Fat Girl.


Daniel Kenealy not only predicts Kate will land an Oscar nom, but will win. Thanks to George for the tip on these two items from Oscar Watch:

Best Supporting Actress --
The Golden Globes are usually pretty hot in this category last year predicting four of the five Oscar nominees. In 1999 they managed all five! So this year their shortlist of six seems to provide four solid locks.

The reviews for A Beautiful Mind have been strong and they have all cited Jennifer Connelly's supporting turn as the best performance in the movie (no small feat in a cast which includes Russell Crowe and Ed Harris). She seems on course for her first career Oscar nomination. The other three Globe nominees which look bound for Oscar glory are: Marisa Tomei (a winner in 1992), who returns to the limelight with a sensational (yet subtle) turn in In The Bedroom; Kate Winslet who is regular Oscar-bait has a juicy role this year as the young Iris Murdoch in Iris: A Memoir Of Iris Murdoch (Miramax's support certainly helps); and finally, Helen Mirren is the most likely of the Gosford Park ensemble to win a nomination from the Academy.

So with four places sealed who contends for the all-important fifth slot? Well the other two Globe nominees; Maggie Smith (Gosford Park) and Cameron Diaz (Vanilla Sky) are strong contenders. Whilst Vanilla Sky was negatively received, Diaz's performance has received rave reviews and she has a full house of citations from the AFI, Globes and Broadcast Academy. Despite this, I believe she will be omitted come February as by then the buzz will have died down and other contenders will have strengthened (f they didn't nominate her for Being John Malkovich then they won't nominate her for this!).

Maggie Smith looks much stronger and steals Gosford Park in the minds of many critics (and no doubt Academy voters will feel the same). However, she has some competition from Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive. I am skeptical about Watts' chances as, despite the universal acclaim for her performance, the film is so bleak and dark that Academy members are unlikely to endorse it. Also, confusion exists over whether the performance is lead/supporting (she is being promoted as supporting but was cited by AFI as lead) and this could seriously damage her chances. Also, with Miramax's backing don't completely disregard Judi Dench who does what she does best (plays a crotchety old woman) in The Shipping News (she played a crotchety old woman in Chocolat and Shakespeare In Love remember)! However, I believe Gosford Park has the momentum to pull two nominations in this category and opt for Maggie Smith as my fifth choice.

CURRENT WINNER PREDICTION - Kate Winslet (Iris: A Memoir Of Iris Murdoch)

Oscarwatcher Win620's Predicts

Best Supporting Actress -- Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind); Cameron Diaz (Vanilla Sky); Helen Mirren (Gosford Park); Marisa Tomei (In the Bedroom); Kate Winslet (Iris)
Best Supporting Actor -- Jim Broadbent (Iris); Steve Buscemi (Ghost World); Jamie Foxx (Ali); Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast); Jon Voight (Ali)
Best Actress -- Halle Berry (Monster's Ball); Nicole Kidman (The Others); Sissy Spacek (In the Bedroom); Tilda Swinton (The Deep End); Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive)


Another year-end review:

Helen Bushby charts the ups and downs of our favourite celebrities in 2001.

It has yet again been a busy year for the stars. Plenty of births, pregnancies, marriages - and divorces - to entertain their adoring public...

The entertainment world was shocked when actress Kate Winslet announced her split from husband of three years, assistant film director Jim Threapleton.

Describing the split as "amicable and respectful", they were blasted into the full glare of the media. This has been fuelled by the Winslet's new relationship with director Sam Mendes.

Source: BBC News, December 27


People News has bestowed 'awards' on celebs (Kate’s isn’t positive):

It was a jungle out there in Celebrityland. PeopleNews swung over the treetops and hacked through the undergrowth to show you that even in the world of celebrity, it's still survival of the fittest. Read on to find out who's a champ and who's a chimp...

The Millennium Eve Award For Let-Down Of The Year

1st: Kate Winslet’s Marriage Break-up

We thought it would stay happily normal forever.

2nd: Michael Jackson's comeback
The most famous manboy just buckled under his own expectations.

3rd: Stella McCartney's first own-label catwalk show.
It wasn't even an original flop - cockney rhyming clothes had been seen before.

Right, punish someone for getting out of what was (for her) an unhealthy relationship.


Film Critic Alexander Walker lists Enigma among his Top Ten Films Of The Year:

A list of Ten Best Films is obligatory at this season. With difficulty, and in no particular order, Evening Standard film critic Alexander Walker offers his choice:

ENIGMA: The Tom Stoppard/Michael Apted adroit marriage of a wartime love story and an espionage thriller that used one as the way into the other, with Kate Winslet bravely bereft of glamour and Jeremy Northam a deliciously sarcastic MI5 eminence.

Read Walker’s great review of the film HERE.

Source: Evening Standard, December 27


I’ve posted another positive review of IRIS on the IRIS Reviews page. Excerpt:

The young Murdoch, played with spirit and intelligence by Kate Winslet (Titanic, Quills) was confident and witty as well as brilliant. She was something of a sexual adventuress, having affairs with both men and women. Yet it was John Bayley (Hugh Bonneville) she chose to marry--a sexually inexperienced, donnish stammerer.


Thanks to my buddy George for this item -- Kristopher Tapley, webmaster of the Oscar Central site, feels TLODG will be a front-runner at next year’s Academy Awards:

THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE, Alan Parker (Universal)
Full of star power and what could be a return to form for director Alan Parker, The Life of David Gale is the story of an advocate for the elimination of the death penalty who is falsely accused of the rape and murder of one of his colleagues, and thereby placed on death row. The cast and story will without a doubt be a winning combination, and, don't quote me (hehe), but this one is my eaaaaarrlllly frontrunner for EVERYTHING at the moment. Call it my...hunch.
Source: Oscar Central, December 26


Nice words for the CCTM soundtrack:

It’s Christmas, and what better way to get you into the festive spirit than a fabulous, animated Dickens classic movie and soundtrack?
The team which created "The Snowman" and "When The Wind Blows" brings to the big screen a new $15 million animated feature of one of the world’s most enchanting stories, Christmas Carol: The Movie. The film combines the techniques of Live Action, Animation and Digital Paint. The result is a powerful, moving, funny and innovative reworking of this classic tale.
Directed by Jimmy Murakami and produced by Iain Harvey, "Christmas Carol: The Movie" features the vocal talents of Simon Callow, Kate Winslet, Nicolas Cage, Rhys Ifans, Sir Michael Gambon, Juliet Stevenson and Jane Horrocks.
All proceeds from the emotional and tender song "What If" - written by Steve Mac - who has penned hits for Westlife, Boyzone, Five, O Town, Mariah Carey and Samantha Mumba, will benefit two charities: the NSPCC and The Sargeant Cancer Care For Children.
Beautiful film and enchanting soundtrack comnbine to help you to relax from the madness of the holidays and too many mince pies!
CD Rainbow Rating: 3 rainbows out of 5
Christmas Carol: The Movie is now showing everywhere and the album soundtrack is also out now!


Note: I apologize for the later-than-usual update today (Dec 26). The server where I upload my files had been down all morning.


The Sun-Herald has an article today (Dec 26) about the UK press turning on Kate. Excerpt:

It has been coming for a while, this symbolic knife in the back. In the eyes of a once-adoring press, 26-year-old Winslet has been getting a little too big for her movie star boots, coming over all Hollywood by trying to control the stories written about her and the publications in which they appear... But even though the international media is all too accustomed to the controlling PR tactics used by stars such as Tom Cruise, in Britain the press was particularly horrified that it was a practice being adopted by its own golden girl, the actor who once so delighted with her friendly openness and willingness to speak frankly about just about any topic.

OK, why would she continue to speak on just about any topic? She’s been punished for her 'friendly openness'. Unfortunately, after being attacked the way she has recently by the UK press, I imagine in the future we’ll hear Kate talk mostly about her films (while promoting them) and perhaps her daughter.

Go HERE to read the entire article.


More analysis in the UK press of why few celebrity marriages last a long time:

Screen Test For Movie Marriages

Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes, as Andy Warhol said - and celebrity marriages often prove to be equally fleeting. Many stars have become as well known for their break-ups as for their film roles and the public's appetite for the lurid details of celebrity splits shows no signs of diminishing.

...It is not just the marriages of American stars that are hitting the rocks.

Britain's Kate Winslet separated from her filmdirector husband Jim Threapleton after less than three years of marriage. She is now divorced and is dating director Sam Mendes.

So why do so many celebrity marriages end in tears and alimony?

According to agony aunt Zelda West-Meads, one of the key problems is that they often follow hot on the heels of a whirlwind romance. "If you look at people like Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet, they often have whirlwind courtships, " she says. "These seem very romantic and passionate at the time, so they marry at the height of the in-love stage. But in the long term they discover there is not nearly as much in common as they thought. This can be particularly apparent if a partner is more successful than the other.

Winslet's continuing career success while her husband increasingly stayed at home with their daughter has been cited as a major reason for their split.

If one person is working and another is not, it creates an extra stress and burden on the relationship, says Zelda. "It's more difficult when a woman marries a man who is not her professional equal. Men are usually very competitive and feel overshadowed by their wives.

They may like the fact that they are earning a lot of money but hate the fact they are not making as much as she is."

A female celebrity may think a man who is not in the media spotlight is interesting and will support her while she is out pursuing a career. "But the man finds it very hard to play second fiddle and proves a lot less tolerant than they hoped about the demands of the woman's job,
" says Zelda.

Surrounded by rich and beautiful people, the star faces seductions at every turn. As Zelda adds: "In all high profile marriages there are more pressures and temptations. The celebrity lives in a glitzy world full of very attractive people and often finds that the more stable and lesser-known partner at home is not as exciting as the people they are mixing with."

Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam says celebrities often make bad choices to start with.

The romances of many stars begin on film sets where levels of emotion and excitement run high, but are no foundation for a lasting relationship. Another problem is that when their marriage goes through a difficult patch, celebrities have the money to just move house instead of going to counselling and try to make the marriage work.

Source: Liverpool Echo, December 26


There is an article about Iris Murdoch in today's (Dec 26) New York Times. Go HERE to read. The article also contains links to the first chapters of Elegy For Iris and Iris And Her Friends, and is chiefly about Murdoch and her writing, but also mentions the film:

In recent years her reputation has rested mostly on Mr. Bayley's memoirs, including "Elegy for Iris" (St. Martin's Press). His books have contributed to her myth and revived interest in her. "Iris," a film based on his memoirs, stars Judi Dench as the older Murdoch and Kate Winslet as her younger self. It opened in mid-December in New York and Los Angeles for an Oscar run and is to open nationwide early next year.

This fall the first major biography of her, "Iris Murdoch: A Life," by Peter J. Conradi, an executor of her estate, was published by W. W. Norton. Based on Murdoch's 20 unpublished diaries and thousands of her letters, it contains new insights into her writing and details of her colorful existence.


Frances Fisher and her daughter (with Clint Eastwood) have both escaped a house fire in Vancouver. Frances, who played Kate’s mother in Titanic, was in Canada filming a TV series. She is in hospital with burns to her hands, and her daughter Francesca was said to not be seriously injured after having to jump from the roof into the arms of a neighbor.


Thanks to George for sending me a review of IRIS by Rod Armstrong which contains praise for Kate. It’s posted on the IRIS Reviews page. Excerpt:

Though Broadbent and Dench are very good (and remarkable simulacra of the real people they play), it's Winslet and Bonneville who steal the show. If they hadn't conveyed the passion that develops between the shy, bookish fellow and the sensualist aspiring writer, the later scenes wouldn't be nearly as effective. While much newsprint has been spewed about whether or not the star is overweight, the far more important fact is what an astonishing actress she is.

BTW - This particular review sums up my own feelings about the film.


Miramax has placed this banner ad in online trade papers. Nice!


Kate returned to England on Sunday and will spend Christmas with Mia and her family. Thanks to Allan for sending me an article from today's (Dec 24) Daily Mail! Go HERE to read and view pic of Kate taken yesterday!

Excerpt: She will now have her 14-month-old daughter for Christmas, which will be spent with her parents in Reading. "My priority is a big family Christmas with Mia," she said.


What If? is still doing very well on the music charts! Thanks to George for sending me the Irish and German stats before I had the opportunity this morning to check the charts.

Irish Singles Chart for the week starting 22 December 2001 (2fm’s Music Zone):
1 "What If" - Kate Winslet
2 "Country Roads" - Hermes House Band
3 "Something Stupid" - Robbie W & Nicole Kidman [was number two last week]
4 "Lately" - Samantha Mumba
5 "Handbags and Gladrags" - Stereophonics

German Singles Chart for the week starting 21 December 2001:

9 "What If" - Kate Winslet (Musikmarkt has it at #10 as of Dec 17.)

UK Top 40 Singles Chart as of December 23 2001, according to BBC Radio 1:

11 "What If" - Kate Winslet

"What If?" is #28 in the Netherlands as of Dec 22, according to Music Planet.

BBC News has an article today about this year’s the battle for this year’s #1 Christmas record.


Another 'mystic' predicts the future for Kate and Sam. The rumor mentioned here jives with the news that Sam was house hunting the end of last week:

Stargazing -- North America's top gossip writer Tony Brenna joins Canada's famed mystic Anthony Carr in taking a present and future look at top Hollywood newsmakers

Director Sam Mendes is talking marriage to newly divorced Kate Winslet and she's said to be considering his proposal. They became a twosome even before Kate's divorce from Jim Threapleton was final. Many believe it was the romance with Sam that wrecked Kate and Jim's marriage -- although she denies it.

Now family members are warning her about jumping into another marriage so quickly. But Kate, who has a year-old daughter, Mia, is telling friends she wants another child and would be delighted if Sam was the daddy.
Prediction: Kate will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire if she marries Sam. I see furious fights down the line; they're both willful personalities and will clash over work issues.

Source: The Toronto Sun, December 23, 2001


Newspaper columnists are also giving Kate and Sam advice:

A Lover’s Guide To Christmas

Celebrity example: For Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, this Christmas will be a joyful time.

The couple, who declared their love to the world last month, have clearly brought sunshine back into each other's lives.

But working out the logistics of who will be doing what and where this Christmas will not be easy, especially with Kate's ex Jim Threapleton and their daughter Mia to add to the equation.

If they have any sense, they'll suppress their own wishes and focus on what is best for Mia this Christmas. This will stop their new relationship being bruised by any flying punches and allow them to jet off in January for a romantic break together to pick up where they left off.

Source: The Express


Sky News ran an article about the 'big' showbiz news of 2001:

High-profile divorce and the death of a Beatle dominated the showbiz world in 2001.

...Hitting the rocks

This side of the Atlantic, actress Kate Winslet announced she was breaking up from movie director husband Jim Threapleton. A couple of months later the Titanic star linked up with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, 35. The American Beauty director is insistent Kate's marriage was already over when they got together. Kate and Jim have a one-year-old baby girl, Mia.


The December 15-21 issue of Heat magazine contains a two-page feature article about Kate's appearance with Sam Mendes at the IRIS premiere in New York on December 2nd ("Kate and Sam Show Off Their Love To The World"). I have posted the photos and article HERE.


The Sun ran a story about Sam being spotted house hunting in a fashionable section of London. Is he looking for a home to share with Kate? READ


E! News Daily recently aired a brief segment about IRIS. Included was a clip of Judi filming a scene on a beach, a clip of Kate, and a soundbite from an interview with Judi:

Host Steve Kmetko: IRIS tells the story of famed novelist Iris Murdoch. Dench makes a splash in the movie, especially when the dame takes a dip.

Judi: We had a very cold day in a tank, well, a couple of days. Not in a river at all. And they kept saying... It was very, very, very thick with all sorts of stuff in the water, the tank. And Richard said 'swim'. And I wear lenses, and, of course, for this I couldn’t wear lenses. So, Richard said, 'swim down towards the photographer and touch hands with Jim'. Well, I couldn’t see a photographer, a camera man, I couldn’t see Jim. It was more by luck than any judgement.

Kmetko: IRIS, co-starring Kate Winslet, Jim Broadbent is playing in L.A. and New York for a limited time.



Miramax took out a nice full-page ad in the December 21-23 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, congratulating their Golden Globe nominees. Their new version of the 'for your consideration' ad focuses on the three performances which have been receiving recognition and was placed in the December 17-23 issue of Weekly Variety. Go HERE to view the images.

The December 20 issue of Back Stage West also contains an advertisement for special screenings of Miramax Films:

[Text of ad] Attention SAG nominating Committee members

You are cordially invited to the following screenings

[All Miramax films being promoted for awards consideration are included]

IRIS [poster image]

Los Angeles - December 27, January 2, 7

New York City - January 9, 15


The Sunday Mail has picked up the results I posted last week of a survey:

British wine drinkers would rather cuddle up to Tory politician Ann Widdecombe than slinky Ally McBeal actress Calista Flockhart, a survey reveals.

The UK branch of the Wine Institute of California found four per cent would share a bottle with Ann - dubbed Doris Karloff - while Calista was favoured by three per cent.

Singer Robbie Williams was top man on 25 per cent, with Titanic star Kate Winslet top woman with 33 per cent.


The Sunday Times contains a nice profile article on IRIS co-star Jim Broadbent. I have posted the portion of the article relating to IRIS on the IRIS Features page.


The December 20 issue of OK! magazine includes a mention of Kate in the Star Travel section:

And spotted recently in other holiday locations around the world...

Kate Winslet enjoyed a romantic liaison at the Barton creek Resort and Country Club in Austin, Texas, with her new love, actor and director Sam Mendes, who flew in from Los Angeles to spend time with her. The Titanic star is in Texas because she is starring in the Alan Parker film The Life of David Gale alongside Kevin Spacey.




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