Photos taken after June 2001 are posted on HERE.


This page contains older photos of Kate's daughter,

Mia Honey Threapleton, born October 12, 2000,

and photos of Kate taken during her pregnancy

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Photos of the happy family on holiday in June, 2001:

katejimmiajune.jpg (122361 bytes)  peoplejuly2a.jpg (177422 bytes)

Pic on left is from The Daily Star, scanned by Rebecca;

I scanned pic on right from July 2 People.


The June 11 issue of The Daily Mail carried pics of Jim and Mia:

dailymailjune11a.jpg (56101 bytes)  dailymailjune11b.jpg (54015 bytes)  dailymailjune11c.jpg (58488 bytes)

Above pics scanned by Zohra for Admiring Kate


Ezuma.com has several more photos of Kate and Mia.

Here are four pics (larger pics are on the ezuma site):



Mia and Jim visit Kate on the set of 'Iris' May 8:

 hellomagmay3.jpg (50600 bytes) hellomagmay1.jpg (48462 bytes) hellomagmay2.jpg (41531 bytes) dailymailmay11b.jpg (127194 bytes)


 The happy family on a shopping trip March 31, 2001 (click on 'thumbnails' for larger pics):

dailymailapril2b.jpg (279120 bytes) dailymailapril2aa.jpg (52608 bytes) NWApril16Lorissa.jpg (233972 bytes) peopleapril16.jpg (305777 bytes)


Feb 1: Pic on the left is from People.com

Feb 13: I scanned the pic on the right from the Enquirer



Screen captures I did from 'Entertainment Tonight' Feb 12 (photos were taken end of January):


I scanned these pics from the January 26 issue of OK! Magazine:


More pics from NOW Magazine (thanks, Rebecca):



Taking Mia for a check-up:


From NOW Magazine - pics of the family leaving the hospital (thanks, Karen):



The first photo released just a couple of days after Mia's birth:







(first 4 pics) May 7 - departing England for Holland    /    early June   /   date unknown  / end of August   / People magazine  / Star



At the BAFTA ceremony April 9         /      'Holy Smoke'  premieres (London, March 21; L.A. Jan 12)