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Photos of the family on holiday in June:

katejimmiajune.jpg (122361 bytes)  peoplejuly2a.jpg (177422 bytes)

Pic on left is from The Daily Star, scanned by Rebecca;

I scanned pic on right from July 2 People.


The June 11 issue of The Daily Mail carried pics of Jim and Mia:

dailymailjune11a.jpg (56101 bytes)  dailymailjune11b.jpg (54015 bytes)  dailymailjune11c.jpg (58488 bytes) has several more photos of Kate and Mia.

Here are four pics (larger pics are on the ezuma site):



Kate takes a break from filming 'Iris'; pics taken May 8:

hellomagmay4.jpg (34267 bytes) hellomagmay3.jpg (50600 bytes) hellomagmay1.jpg (48462 bytes) hellomagmay2.jpg (41531 bytes)  dailymailmay11b.jpg (127194 bytes)

First 4 pics - Hello Magazine; pic on far right - Daily Mail


The happy family on a shopping trip March 31:

dailymailapril2b.jpg (279120 bytes) dailymailapril2aa.jpg (52608 bytes) NWApril16Lorissa.jpg (233972 bytes) peopleapril16.jpg (305777 bytes)


Kate attended the Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony March 11:

sagimdb1.jpg (16115 bytes) sagimdb2.jpg (17037 bytes) sagimdb3.jpg (16864 bytes) sagimdb4.jpg (17872 bytes) sagimdb5.jpg (20382 bytes)

sag4.jpg (15586 bytes) sag5.jpg (11983 bytes) sag3.jpg (22986 bytes) sag2.jpg (21303 bytes) sag1.jpg (21826 bytes)

9saget.jpg (25513 bytes) 39sag.jpg (26991 bytes) 40sag.jpg (25899 bytes) 

Many more pics and 'captures' are posted in the special SAG section!


At Heathrow Airport on the way to the SAG ceremony:

hellomarch27a.jpg (108827 bytes)


Kate graces the cover of the premiere (April) issue of UK Glamour:

glamourcvr.jpg (113676 bytes) glamour1.jpg (106393 bytes) glamour2.jpg (39840 bytes) glamour3.jpg (184454 bytes)


Kate is also featured in the 'Hollywood' issue of Vanity Fair:

vanityfair1vampy.jpg (32639 bytes) vanityfair2vampy.jpg (14404 bytes)

Thanks to 'Vampy' for the scans! (Kate is pictured with Vanessa Redgrave and Cate Blanchett)


At the BAFTAs February 25:

bafta2001d.jpg (13210 bytes) bafta2001.jpg (15718 bytes) bafta2001b.jpg (10566 bytes) baftaicshowbiz.jpg (3952 bytes) bafta2001f.jpg (4231 bytes)

bafta2001e.jpg (68033 bytes) baftasuncvr.jpg (39763 bytes) bafta2001h.jpg (37395 bytes) bafta2001g.jpg (32719 bytes) baftasteven1.jpg (53955 bytes) baftasteven2.jpg (36275 bytes)

Thanks to Steven for the last two pics!


OKmarch9b.jpg (77909 bytes) varietymarch7a.jpg (29515 bytes)

I scanned these pics of Kate with Christina Ricci and Ang Lee


Kate is the cover girl for HQ Magazine in Australia (thanks, Lorissa!)

HQMagcover.jpg (86957 bytes) HQMag1.jpg (136273 bytes) HQMag2.jpg (102123 bytes) HQMag3.jpg (88387 bytes)


Berlin Film Festival, February 10:

kateberlinff.jpg (20946 bytes) berlinff3.jpg (22457 bytes) berlinff4.jpg (69670 bytes) katejimberlin1.jpg (7460 bytes)

6enewsfeb16.jpg (54237 bytes) 7enewsfeb16.jpg (51099 bytes) 9enewsfeb16.jpg (49530 bytes)


From the 'Golden Camera' awards in Berlin, February 6:

goldencamera1.jpg (19889 bytes) goldencamera2.jpg (11258 bytes) 6enewsfeb8.jpg (15476 bytes) 9enewsfeb8.jpg (12424 bytes)

1enewsfeb8.jpg (15406 bytes) 2enewsfeb8.jpg (14433 bytes) 4enewsfeb8.jpg (14855 bytes)


Kate and Mia at Heathrow Airport, end of January:

kateandmia.jpg (45781 bytes) kateandmiasun.jpg (34583 bytes) katemiaenquirer2.jpg (53620 bytes) 1etfeb12.jpg (40598 bytes) 2etfeb12.jpg (49714 bytes)


UK Sunday Times Magazine, January 7 (photos were taken end of 2000):

sundaytimescvrjan7.jpg (60143 bytes) suntimes1a.jpg (82202 bytes) timespicnew.jpg (34311 bytes) sundaytimes.jpg (15702 bytes)


UK Radio Times, January 13-19 issue  / January issue of 'London' Magazine:

radiotimescvr.jpg (98400 bytes) radiotimes1.jpg (44623 bytes)        londonmag.jpg (54102 bytes)


I scanned these pics from the January 26 issue of OK! Magazine:

okjan26a.jpg (56532 bytes) okjan26c.jpg (27124 bytes)



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